Tropical House Designs: Check these modern tropical houses in India

[] In this article, we talk about the best tropical house designs in various cities across India to inspire your home decor.

Tropical house designs are known for bringing delight and relaxation into your home. With a sense of freshness, they spread happiness around the house and are therapeutic. Along with using a mixture of earthy tones, such as green and brown, they also use bright and bold shades, such as orange, red, yellow, purple, and pink.

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Check these tropical house designs if you are planning to build your dream home.

About Tropical House Designs

Tropical house designs are mainly inspired by nature and, therefore, are a blend of neutral and bold shades, creating a perfect look. The walls are usually covered with vibrant wallpaper to give life to your house. You can choose cheerful, large typical tropical prints like palm trees, pink flamingos, frangipani leaves, and watermelons. 

Such stunning prints not only brighten up your home but make it look exotic and inviting. However, if you do not want these bold prints to overpower your house, use neutral tones for the remaining part of the house. Several wallpapers are readily available in the market, and you can easily find the one of your choice between Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 8,000.

Minimalist furniture, calm and mellow colours, strategically set plants, and sleek geometric lines are the top features of a tropical house design. 

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Tropical house design ideas

Plants help you bring a tropical vibe into your house. Exotic flowers, such as birds of paradise and anthuriums, will allow you to add vibrancy to your house and are easy to source. For a more natural sense, you can consider a peach lily.  Banana trees and palms can help you bring in magnificent green tones. 

Introducing fun art, such as pineapples, flamingos, and watermelons, to your home can brighten up your place. You can also use tropical leaves as art pieces and mix them between paintings, sketches, drawings, and posters. If bold and vibrant shades are not your cup of tea, go monochrome. Instead of capturing the tropical essence with a typical colour palette, use prints, patterns, and art. You can find several gorgeous art pieces in dark tones, such as grey, dark brown, and black. 

No tropical house design is complete without dark furniture pieces and upholstery. Deep lavish brown furniture and flooring can help you set a statement. Recently, light-hued woods are also becoming a popular design in tropical architecture. 

Tropical House Designs: Check these modern tropical houses in India


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Tropical House Designs in India

Let us take a look at some inspiring tropical house designs in India. 

New Delhi

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Luxurious greenery, gleaming water elements, and a rustic view make the tropical house designs in New Delhi a dream. Gwalior mint sandstone and strips of Italian marbles give the house an earthy look. The tropical house designs in New Delhi have a natural and unforced layout, and their main entrances offer a view of the courtyard that is usually in front of the house and lead to the living room. 

The living room is embellished with warm bookshelves, opulent chandeliers, and warm wood grains. The walls are adorned with rustic art pieces, making the entire place cosy, comfortable, and organic. 

The dining room consists of a dark-toned table placed in the centre surrounded by neutral chairs and a vintage chandelier enhancing the area. The master bedroom has a warm, European vibe with Victorian crown moulding and ivory colours. 

Angular beige armchairs and a glass coffee table only add to the royal look of the house. Other tropical houses in the city include bedrooms with bold patterns and textures, complimentary chairs, blinds, and tables.

Tropical House Designs Check these modern tropical houses in India


Tropical house designs in Goa are minimalist, poetic, and airy. They generally follow a blue-white tone. Other features include trees like the fig tree and jackfruit tree, full-height windows, white upholstery, tiled cement flooring, wooden shutters, exposed brick walls and granite counters. 

The double-height living room has a sloped gable roof, decorated with something equally tall like a palm tree. A small garden is present at the back of the house, which can be seen through the ground-floor windows. There is a swimming pool at the front with dark chaise lounges. The living and dining rooms are on the ground floor and open out to the swimming pool. The bedrooms have a light, airy feel and with wooden shutters. The washrooms have courtyards with plants, which bring in natural sunlight.

Tropical House Designs: Check these modern tropical houses in India



Pondicherry’s tropical house designs are the epitome of simplicity, directness, and closeness to nature. They also show how beautiful a blend of vernacular architecture and tropical house design can be. 

Tropical House Designs: Check these modern tropical houses in India



The rooms are separated by sliding doors, this ensures constant cross-ventilation, and the air is allowed to circulate freely even when the doors are closed. The walls of the rooms are finished with eggshells, which brings in more natural lighting. They also do not get as hot as concrete walls. The houses are surrounded by lush greenery. The swimming pool is usually present at the side of the house. 

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Tropical House Designs: Check these modern tropical houses in India



The tropical house designs in Mumbai are extremely simple, with not many cabinets and built-ins, and are light-hued. Including natural materials in all the furniture selections, there are a lot of live-edge furniture, wicker, cane, and cork finish wallpapers. Mostly using light shades like white and cream, the houses have numerous huge plants. 

The bedrooms are large, spacious, and have a wide window sill. The warm, welcoming balconies allow you to spend quality time with your family with a magnificent view. Mixing and matching different prints, patterns, and textures makes the area more interesting and lively. 

Tropical House Designs: Check these modern tropical houses in India

Rustic live edge furniture is prominent in the living and dining rooms. There is also a lot of wicker and cane finishes on the furniture in the living room and balcony, and this is balanced out by using a lot of whites. The bedrooms have traditional wooden finishes. The walls are adorned with paintings, photo frames, and other art pieces to add more life to the home. 

Tropical House Designs: Check these modern tropical houses in India



Surrounded by lush plantations, the tropical houses in Kerala are a perfect blend of traditional architecture and modern tropical design. The rooms are well ventilated and lit, with huge open spaces around. All the rooms are arranged in a linear manner, bringing in natural light and air. 

Along with an inner lining of plywood, the Mangalore roof tile protects the rooms from the harsh heat of the summer. The primary materials used include wood, exposed concrete, and steel. The porch is covered by a shed so that you and your family can have a good time without the direct heat of the sun. 

Tropical House Designs: Check these modern tropical houses in India




What are the accessories used in a tropical house design?

The main accessory in a tropical house design is plants. In addition, you can also use wicker baskets, rugs, carpets or install a swing chair. You can even use tropical-themed accessories like lamps.

What kind of furniture should I use in my tropical house design?

Regardless of the finishes and colours, wood furniture has a natural look. Another option for furniture can be bamboo. It is highly durable, resistant, pleasing to the eye, and readily available in the market. Wicker and rattan are also great options but are comparatively more expensive.

How can I add value to my tropical house?

Large windows, greenery, a patio, and a balcony with an amazing view are some of the top features that will add value to your tropical house design.

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