When a simple bookshelf just won’t do! Storage ideas for book lovers

[] Give your beloved book collection some special treatment with these quirky tips!

Create a magical rainbow of books by stacking them by colour.

You are reading: When a simple bookshelf just won’t do! Storage ideas for book lovers

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Bookshelves with unusual shapes are both functional and add character to your home decor.

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Think beyond just simple wall shelves and get one that’s suspended, for some drama!

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Make your book space prettier by adding small trinkets and even indoor plants.

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Books look beautiful on their own without a lot of embellishment. Have an open bookcase, a comfortable chair and a good reading light, and you’re set for your next literary adventure.

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This one is for the minimalist. You could either cover your books in plain paper, and write the names on the spine; or simply turn them so that pages face the front instead of the spines.

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We’re all proud of our book collection, but some of us are quite possessive about it too. Hide it away behind inconspicuous sliding doors.

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You do not necessarily need a lot of space to make a bookshelf. Any free space can be turned into one, like under the stairs.

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This is a nifty idea, especially for a kid’s room. A revolving bookshelf has a lot of potential for storage, and saves space at the same time.

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An old wooden door or stepladder can be turned into a charming bookshelf with some polishing and a good paint job.


Make your exclusive reading zone by the window, surrounded by your books, and away from the rest of the world!

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