Home maintenance during the monsoons

[] Protecting one’s home is a priority for all home owners. Here are some simple hacks, to have a problem-free habitat during the monsoons

Monsoon brings a freshness in the air, after the long and hot summer days. However, with the rains also comes the grey and dreary atmosphere, along with hassles like protecting the house from leaking walls, termite infestation, fungi. Similarly, the dampness and moisture that maybe congenial for the environment, won’t be the same for furniture and accessories. The trick is, to avoid damages through timely intervention, maintain the premises and have limited repair bills, which is not as a difficult as it sounds. Follow the following tips, to make your home monsoon ready

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Preventing seepage on the walls during monsoons

As a basic structural element for any home, it is necessary to protect the walls. During the monsoons, a simple way to keep the interiors safe, is to keep the exteriors intact. Check for cracks and fill them with waterproof mortar or any other similar material. For overall exterior and interior protection, paint the walls with a damp proofer, which is a waterproof paint and is also decorative.

Furniture maintenance during the monsoons

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Maintaining the overall condition of furniture is not as difficult or tedious, as it may seem. One simple way to ensure this, is by using water-resistant glue. Also, keeping a gap between the wall and furniture, could help in preventing damage caused due to the absorption of moisture seeping through the walls. Use a dry cloth to clean the dust that settles on the furniture, as dust has a tendency to absorb moisture and this could cause irreparable damage to the furniture. Placing naphthalene or camphor balls in desks, drawers or wardrobes, will also help absorb moisture. One can also wax and/or oil all doors, windows, desks, drawers, etc., to help reduce the swelling up of furniture. Lastly, keeping a check on termites and pests is needed, to avoid further damage.

[] Get your home monsoon ready

Drain stagnant water

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. Hence, provide slopes wherever possible, for the overall health and aesthetic value of your home. If your house has a pathway, washing it thoroughly and drying the area by exposing it to direct sunlight, can reduce the growth of fungus and moss.

Ventilate the house, to keep dampness away

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Allow ample cross ventilation during the monsoons, to avoid the spread of musty odour and damp walls. Installing a ventilator or a de-humidifier, can also help avoid moisture build-up. Another easy and less expensive method, is to regularly vacuum the space and allow some amount of direct sunlight to enter and dry up the furniture, as well as the entire space.

Avoid renovation, opt for maintenance during monsoons

Avoid any painting and renovation work in your house during the monsoons, as the high moisture level in the environment, will prevent you from getting the desired output. Moreover, the chances of causing further damage to household elements, is also high. Hence, opting for plain maintenance would be a better choice.

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