All about IGRS Karnataka

[] The Kaveri portal helps buyers in knowing about property valuation, online stamp duty payment and booking of appointments at the sub-registrar’s office

Just like any other state, the inspector-general of registration and stamps (IGRS) of Karnataka is responsible for levying and collecting stamp duty and registration charges on property transactions. The IGRS authority in Karnataka does so through a web-based portal, Kaveri Online Services, which enables citizens in the state to complete property registrations online. The portal also provides facilities to search for required index and registered copies. Another portal that citizens can consult for additional information about property registration-related works is the department’s website.

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Services available on Kaveri Online portal

As a guest user, you could use services like:

  • Stamp duty and registration charges in Karnataka fee calculator
  • Know your property valuation
  • Know your marriage registration office
  • Locate SROs

As a registered user, you could use services like:

  • Online encumbrance certificate
  • Online certified copies
  • Pre-registration data entry and appointment booking

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Services you can get on Karunadu website

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On the Karunadu website, you can find sample deeds, including sale, agreement to sell, gift, will, licence, lease, mortgage, trust, partnership, exchange, power of attorney, marriage registration forms, etc. You could also get information about the guideline value and stamp duty and registration charges for registration of various deeds.

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Online property registration in Karnataka

Visit the official website Kaveri portal, Now, log in to the website by registering as a user, by clicking on the ‘Register as new user’ button. Using the website, you will be able to enter all buyer, seller and property-related information into the system. The system also enables you to pay the stamp duty and registration charges through e-stamping. After this, you will only have to visit the sub-registrar’s office for biometric identification of all parties concerned, after booking an online appointment slot on the Kaveri website.

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How to get online CC and EC in Karnataka?

To get the encumbrance certificate (EC) and certified copy (CC), go to the Kaveri portal and click on the ‘Online EC’ and ‘Online CC’ icons.

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Property valuation on Kaveri Online Services

On the home page, click on the ‘Know Your Property Valuation’ tab towards the bottom of the page under the head ‘Services for Guest User’.

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IGRS Karnataka

On the following page, key in the area and property details as shown in the image below. Also ensure that you click on the advance search option and not the basic search option.

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Kaveri Online Services

Once you hit the ‘Display valuation’ button, the system will calculate and show the property valuation.

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Can we get EC online in Karnataka?

To get an encumbrance certificate online, visit the Kaveri Online Services web portal.

What if I reach a little late for my online appointment for property registration in Karnataka?

In that case, you may be asked to reschedule the appointment.

Can my online appointment for property registration in Karnataka be fixed for another time if I fail to show up?

Online appointment rescheduling will be the sole responsibility of the user. The department will not be liable for undeclared holidays, any kind of unplanned closure of office premises or non-appearance of users.

What if the Kaveri website fails to provide the documents I searched for?

If the system is not able to download the searched documents, visit the sub-registrar’s office, to get copies of the same.

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