What is a chalet?

[] Found in the mountainous regions, a chalet is a common type of house that is usually used by hikers and ski enthusiasts

Homes are often modified, to suit the local needs, temperature and geographical requirements. While plain areas have regular homes made of cement and concrete, homes in hilly areas are usually made of wood, with gentle sloping roofs to avoid accumulation of snow in winters. One such type of home is a ‘chalet’, which is usually found in hilly areas such as Kashmir. Here is all you need to know about chalets.

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What is a chalet house?

A chalet is a type of house or cottage made of wood with a heavy, gentle sloping roof and wide edges set at right angles in the front. Also called as Swiss chalet, such homes are very common in Europe’s Alpine region. The term is used to refer to the hut of a herder. These days, chalets have emerged as holiday homes for ski and hiking enthusiasts, who prefer to stay on mountain tops during their vacations.

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In some countries, including Britain, a chalet is also referred to as sleeping accommodation at holiday camps, while in Italy, a chalet is referred to as a beach house instead of a mountain-side home.

What is a chalet?

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History of chalets

Earlier, chalets in the European Alps were used for dairy farming, with the livestock being brought up from the lowland pastures during summers. The herders used to live in the Chalet and make butter and cheese, in order to preserve the milk produced. These products were then taken back to the low valleys before the onset of the alpine winter. The Chalets would remain locked and unused during the winter months. Even now, small window-less huts can be found around chalets, which are used to lock away valuable items for winters.

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What is a chalet?

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What is a chalet house?

A chalet is a wooden cabin found in the European Alps.

Is chalet a French word?

Yes, in Swiss-French Chalet means ‘herdsman’s hut’.

What is the difference between chalet and cottage?

A cottage refers to a regular small house while a chalet is a wooden building with a sloping roof.

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