10 home décor trends that will rule in 2021

[] Here is what will remain hot in the home décor world in 2021

After spending the majority of 2020 cocooned at home, it is time to freshen up the home with the 10 interior design trends likely to rule in 2021. As we come to the end of 2021, we also look at new trends that are likely to rule in 2022.

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Pop of colour

10 home décor trends that will rule in 2021

It is a known fact that colours make us feel more positive. In 2021 one will see cheerful hues dominating the home. It could be a yellow or bright cherry accent wall, or bright floral sofa upholstery or a bright impressive artwork that will break the monotony of the space. Combinations of shades of yellow and grey and shades of blue and green, are also trending in a big way. Yellow and green are energising and uplifting colours, which will appeal to home owners when dressing up their home in a post-pandemic world. Also we will see grey and blue in home décor, as these colours inject the much-needed comforting, balancing and calming vibe to the décor.

Home decor colours 2022

Green, the symbol of wellness and optimism has been trending in 2021 and it continues to trend in 2022. From delicate pastel green, soft mint green, bright emerald green – all will remain popular in home furnishings and walls. Also, beige and earthy tones will remain in trend.

Workspace at home

10 home décor trends that will rule in 2021

Due to the pandemic, work from home and home schooling have become the new norm. There is a rise in demand for flexible spaces which can function as comfortable and productive home offices and study areas. “With space constraints, innovative and flexible solutions, especially mini-study nooks, are being integrated at home. Well organised working space with ergonomically designed office chair, shelves, proper lighting, attractive backgrounds for video meetings and also a folding chair that helps for digital detox after the work, are need-based trends that will dictate the home interiors and will continue to evolve, in the coming year says,” Prashant Chauhan, creative director of Zero 9 design firm, Mumbai.

Backgrounds have come to the foreground, as webinars become the new normal. “We see a lot of people preferring subtle wallpapers that can be easily fixed with little or no assistance. This is acting as a quick fix in this pandemic that has created many restrictions,” says Vanda Misra, an interior designer from Indore.

Also, due to WFH and hybrid work culture gaining popularity, there is a demand for sound-proof rooms so that one is not disturbed with kids noise when attending conferences or office calls or even as older kids appear for online exams.

Stylish home office space will be in trend 2022

As people are now realising the importance of comfortable and well-designed home office space, home offices are being done up in style. The year 2022 home décor trends will see people designing the office with great care, ergonomically chairs, organised storage, fancy pendant light, of course, colourful accessories and green plants to energise the space and make it vibrant.

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Nurturing nature

10 home décor trends that will rule in 2021

One of the impacts of the imposed lockdown is the reduced accessibility to open and green spaces. As a result, the need to bring the greens into the home has increased. People will like to nurture a kitchen garden in their balcony, window sill or terrace, to add a dose of freshness and enliven the spaces and create a healing and tranquil space within the home. The addition of indoor plants in corners or table tops will increase. Vegetable gardens are trending at the moment, so one would see Tulsi, curry leaves, mint, aloe vera, etc., blooming in container gardens at home in 2021. Be it indoor plants or a vertical garden, green plants known for their numerous benefits will make a big impact in the interior décor. There would be a rise in preference for space at home for farming food through techniques such as hydroponics and making of compost at home for urban farming.

Moreover,  as they freshen indoor air, bring the clarity and calm of nature indoors, people are taking this activity as grounding and life-affirming. Also, developing a collection of interior plants wins on all levels- aesthetic, functional and mental. To connect with nature and enhance the calming aesthetics in the post-COVID-19 time, people are opting for water features at home. This could be a portable fountain at home or a small lotus or lily pond in the balcony or terrace.

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Nature driven soothing space will rule in home décor 2022

As people realise that the presence of green nature at home reduces stress and helps in overall well-being. Biophilic design that is combining natural elements with design features such as ample of natural light and plants, that helps us to connect with nature will continue to be in trend in 2022 too.

Accent furniture and statement pieces

10 home décor trends that will rule in 2021

Since people are forced to entertain and have social gatherings at home, interior spaces are going to be reflective of personal style. Prioritising the design of one’s home is a definite trend.

“The post-pandemic client will look at interior design and especially homes as not just living spaces but spaces to express themselves. Besides, people have been moving towards accent or statement pieces of furniture that are nestled amongst subtle unobtrusive monotone schemes over- elaborate design schemes. A similar trend is also seen amongst artwork and artefacts as clients prefer to place one statement artwork on a wall other than populating the wall with artefacts,” states Natasha Aggarwal, interior designer and founder, NACL (Natasha Aggarwal Creative Living). Statement pieces can be furniture in an interesting shape, colour, or material. An ornate ceiling that can be the focal point of a room, a quirky floor lamp, architectural light, etc., can work as an accent highlight of any room.

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“Another interesting add-on that is seen on the walls in people’s homes, is the proud display of art works, particularly those that were created as part of a hobby activity during the lockdown. Store-bought framed posters have been replaced by self-made canvas paintings in many homes,” says Misra.

Technology will be embraced in a big way

10 home décor trends that will rule in 2021

Demand for home automation has increased with penetration of smart devices and affordable internet. Technology will play a crucial role in the way we work, practically revolutionising home spaces. Smart home technology will increasingly appeal to buyers and one will see a rise in dishwashers, robotic vacuum cleaners and AI-enabled kitchen appliances and gadgets controlled through voice commands or remote commands be it music, TV, heating and cooling, lighting or security. The home automation trend will continue to accelerate in 2021-2022, with video-door monitoring, motion sensing cameras, digital locks and alarms, for better security of a house. Wi-Fi mesh systems will become popular, to enable more smart devices simultaneously.

These days customers prefer smart, connected, and energy-efficient home appliances that enhance their lifestyle. Integrated and automated lighting systems make illumination easier. Indoor, as well as outdoor lighting fixtures that can be controlled with the wireless network using an app on the phone or a smart home assistant, are more popular.

Comfort and functionality over aesthetics

10 home décor trends that will rule in 2021

With the lockdowns, people have been confined to their homes. Since most people had to rely on themselves for domestic chores, the need for a simplistic, functional and easy to maintain home is a growing trend for the coming year. “Houses are now required to meet multiple needs such as that for entertainment, work, exercise, flexible and adaptable spaces will gain priority over aesthetic, high maintenance spaces. Zones that reinforce opportunities to prioritise self-care are more important now than ever in home offices much like our spaces, home owners want the furniture to be flexible and multi-purpose too,” states Aggarwal.

According to Modsy’s Trend Report, in 2021, people are likely to prefer sofas, sectionals and armchairs that have a comfortable look and feel — something that you could really curl up on and binge-watch TV or read a good book. Apart from this, furniture pieces that are less minimal or mid-century and instead, are more traditional, with simple decorative carvings and knotty wood surfaces, would really make a difference.

Home decor trend 2022 – Multi-functional home space 

The pandemic compelled our room space to be multi-functional. Single-use spaces are out and home spaces will be designed in 2022 as multi-functional rooms. Clever use of space will be done with smart furniture, fold away desk, room dividers, screens shelves etc.

Earthy materials that are organic, sustainable and recyclable

10 home décor trends that will rule in 2021

Earthy colour shades and materials that are sustainable and recyclable are not only a trendy option but also a responsible choice. “One should look out for earthy colour tones mixed with monochromes as the new minimal and modern trend. Earthy tones also create warm and cosy spaces that can be inhabited easily for long periods, a necessity due to the pandemic. Design with conscience is sure to catch up,” adds Aggarwal.

Apart from this, 2021 will be more about livable luxury and versatility in design. These days it is all about durable fabrics, comfortable upholstery, and furniture pieces that are versatile and chic. Use of eco-friendly and biodegradable materials like wood, bamboo, jute, rattan, etc., for furnishing homes will continue to increase in home décor. Natural fibres, such as cotton, linen or bamboo, will remain in the home decor trend in 2021 as living green becomes the mantra. The reduce-reuse approach has made people shift from plastic to, synthetic and more people are increasingly designing homes with recycled and upcycled pieces. Materials such as linen, cotton, clay, brick, and ceramics are in trend, as they help to create a calming environment in homes. Sustainability is trending and will be seen gaining more popularity in the year 2022 too.

Many people will be seen opting for solar panels, water-conserving fixtures and LED lights. Also, when painting the house, harsh chemical will be shunned, as people opt for non-toxic, non-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints.

Light up

10 home décor trends that will rule in 2021

Besides natural light, creative lighting is sure to dominate homes in a big way. A flexible lighting setup can brighten the décor. “As we are all spending much more time at home, there is much consideration given to light home offices and work spaces and relaxation areas. One will see growing demand for lights with settings for brightness, colour, and transitions. Advances in lighting controls and fixtures offer energy-efficiency and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) flexible fixtures, portable lamps and automated controls via mobile applications, in homes allow better adjustments for essential lighting and decorative illumination,” adds Chauhan.

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Wellness décor

10 home décor trends that will rule in 2021

The pandemic has made people realise that the home is the sanctuary and the focus is on wellbeing. Now, the main aim would be to create a soothing aura through sound-proof windows, fountains and fragrant candles. So, there will be a rise in yoga and meditation areas, home gyms, play rooms, restful hobby corners, and spa-style bathrooms with rainfall Jacuzzi hot tubs or jet spray systems. “Also, uncluttered and clean open space, less distraction to the eye, minimal sleek furniture, stylish storage will be in vogue. Disinfecting devices, home cleaning equipment antibacterial and antimicrobial surfaces will be in demand. People will like to infuse homes with things that promote peace, calmness and positive energy —such as maximising daylight, wind chimes and indoor plants to de-stress the mind and body,” adds Chauhan

Home design is now all about relaxation. People ensure that the home décor aids de-stressing, so one sees aromatherapy candles, essential oil diffusers healing crystals all that helps to reduce anxiety and help in positive energy in homes. Vanilla, lavender have soothing properties that help relaxation, and herbs like eucalyptus, rosemary also help alleviate stress and improve one’s mood are being favoured. People have realised the healing and calming benefits of nature and are drawn to the subtle water sounds, colours, and serenity of nature. Aquariums with corals and beautiful lights are being incorporated in-home designs.

2022 will focus on home hygge

2021 witnessed the rise of interior design with décor focus on hygge, the Danish concept of creating joy in everyday moments. The trend of embracing hygge based décor will dominate even in 2022. Hygge means to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and create an inviting space oneself, friends and family. The hygge inspired décor idea is to feel far away from all your troubles when you are at home. The trend is to design soothing home décor, and relax in the favourite nook at home to blissfully disconnect from the rest of the world. One will elaborate beverage (tea and coffee) stations at home. Coffee bar or the well laid out table with a fancy teapot, mugs, basket of flavoured teas, etc.

Local lure

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10 home décor trends that will rule in 2021

People will explore indigenous products that blend the traditional and contemporary elements to create a vibe in modern homes. Designs rooted in the Indian culture but with a modern appeal will be in vogue. Locally made furniture, handmade crafts will be back – ethnic lampshades, traditional lamps, Jharokha murals, exquisite hand woven furnishings with embroidery, natural textiles, paisley pattern, kalamkari, ikat, terracotta, Madhubani artwork, are surely making their way into urbane homes. The classic jaali design is more than just a passing decor trend in 2021. Partitions, doors and pooja rooms, are all being designed with traditional jaali. Brass accessories, traditional jhulas, haveli-style doors, vintage frames, ethnic paintings and colourful Jaipur rugs, will remain in style in 2021 as people prefer to add a ‘desi ‘touch to their modern home spaces.

Ornate design motifs that Indians are fond of, such as lotus, rose, hibiscus paisley, peacock elephant, sun, etc., are now seen on wallpapers, curtains, sofa upholstery, and tableware. Kantha, Kashmiri and Kutchi embroidery on a bedsheet, chikankari on curtains, etc. These traditional home furnishings are also now available under designer brands. Many Indian designers are now foraying into home décor labels, and they hire local karigars known for their rich artistic traditions but lend a  contemporary global touch to the final product.

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Sustainable designs in 2018

The year 2018 is likely to witness a change in design scenarios, with sensible and sustainable designs taking precedence.

“We are in an age of limited resources and we need to make the best of it. Inclusion of nature and natural materials, will become trendier. Eco-friendly décor will become the norm, as more people opt for energy saving devices, natural, biodegradable materials and solar panels,” says Prashant Chauhan, creative director of Zero 9 design firm, Mumbai.

Green elements will remain an integral part of décor, with architects and interior designers focusing on providing ample greenery in buildings and atriums, through vertical gardens, terrace gardens, vegetable gardens, etc.

Multiple styles

According to Shantanu Garg, founder and creative director of Shantanu Garg Designs, interior décor in 2018, is likely to focus on specific objects. “Objects like art pieces, chandeliers, sculptures and artifacts of various styles, will be used and blended together, for a homogenous setting. There will be a contrast of multiple styles, on a modern backdrop,” says Garg.

Dark themes

Home owners are likely to have greater acceptance of dark tones in the new year.

Shades of grey and taupe will act as neutral colours, while turquoise, pink, green, blue and violet will be used as accents. Also with décor trends focusing on a fusion of contemporary and traditional styles, metal accessories will become an obvious choice, to add glamour to a space. Metals like copper, brass and steel and silver and golden accessories and different metal techniques (leafing, gilding, cladding, etc.) that are used on furniture and walls, will be in vogue.

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Smart homes will be in vogue

Digital technology will impact home décor in a big way, influencing our choices and lifestyle. With several companies offering ‘home assistant’ technologies, transforming a home into a smart home within a budget range, will become possible, says Chauhan.

“From home automation to kitchen appliances, people will turn to technology. Décor trends will be ruled by lifestyle, from having ultra-modern kitchens with organic gardens, to party spaces, as well as wellness spaces. There will be a more unconventional approach, towards designing bathrooms, kitchens and layouts,” adds Garg. The choice of furniture will also be towards pieces that offer comfort, as well as aesthetics.

Made in India

“Nowadays, the clients want a slight desi touch, in the décor. Hence, we will see more of Indian furniture and crafts, in contemporary avatars, in 2018. There will be an increase in awareness about furniture, crafts and textiles that are indigenous to India,” maintains Chauhan. With greater sensitivity among consumers, towards the artisans who spend hours creating handmade products, ethnic influences in modern homes, will increase. Designers too, are striving to create home décor products using ethnic crafts and art forms.

“Home furniture in 2018, is likely to have a ratio of 1:2:3, in terms of traditional: classic: modern. People may also do something off-beat, like having modern international furniture but upholstered with fabric that is traditional Indian,” claims Garg.

Ultimately, home owners need to remember that good design never goes out of trend and they should choose their home décor, keeping this basic principle in mind.


What decorating style is in for 2021?

The year 2021 will see wide and varied decor trends taking over. This includes pop of colour, lots of greenery, accent furniture and statement pieces.

Are accent walls out of style 2021?

Accent walls have been replaced by pop of colours which breaks the monotony of the space.

Is brass coming back in style in 2021?

Yes, brass is trending these days and is being used to add warmth and style to overall space.

What is the most popular living room color for 2021?

Apart from the minimalist colour palette, including pale grey and white, which have always been popular, the year 2021 will see more of earthy hues like muted pink or red, soft green and modern greys, ruling the living room décor trends.

What décor trends will be seen in kitchens of 2022?

Kitchen will be the centre of focus, it will be more sophisticated well integrated with the main living area. There will be emphasis on attractive lights and gadgets. Colours like green, oak grey, blue along with white will be in trend.

What is the furniture trend for 2022?

Versatility, multi-functional and comfortable furniture will be a trend in 2022 as interior design pieces have more than one use. So convertible furniture will be used widely in home interiors in 2022..

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