10 modern bathroom ideas to get inspired from

[] Discussed in this article are top tricks to build and maintain a modern bathroom.

When designing a modern bathroom, it is important to consider the needs of various occupants to create a functional but aesthetically pleasing space. For example, if the bathroom will only be used by an adult couple, it may be suitable to include additional ornamental accents and features such as twin sinks or separate storage rooms. A new colour scheme or safety elements may be required if the bathroom is going to be used by a large family.

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Creating a basic modern bathroom design plan before commencing the project is a good idea since bathrooms include pipes and hidden equipment that cannot be readily shifted. To prevent expensive misjudgments and other mistakes, homeowners should know the specific measurements of the space and where the pipes and valves will be placed.

Whether you’re designing/remodelling your master bathroom, a guest bathroom down the hall, or the family bathroom, here’s how to get the job done, no matter how small the space. Set an atmosphere of peace and tranquility with your modern bathroom design

Make sure that each functional part of your bathroom has adequate space. If you desire a freestanding bathtub, but you don’t have enough space for it, the tub will seem caged in, and the decor of the bathroom will suffer as a result of the lack of space. To further enhance the modern bathroom design, avoid making your toilet the main centre of the room; instead, make a vanity or freestanding tub the first thing you notice when you walk in.

10 modern bathroom ideas you want to consider

Utilise the bathtub to make a statement


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Bathtubs are the inherent centrepiece of a bathroom and may have a significant influence on the overall modern bathroom design. Tubs that stand on their own may be supported by claw-and-ball feet or a pedestal base, or they may be streamlined and straight-sided, much like a piece of contemporary art. Depending on your preference, you may select between a soaking tub and a whirlpool tub to optimise your relaxation when taking a bath.

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Consider the shower’s location

bath shower

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Showers may be incorporated into the bathtub or be located in separate stalls. It is possible to get versions in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many of these models come with a selection of showerheads, with detachable, rain, and massaging options depending on your tastes and requirements.

Draw attention to your sleek sink

bath sink

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With the bathroom sink, you have the opportunity to make a strong statement about your style. Elegant carved freestanding basins may be used alone or in pairs, making a statement in any bathroom setting. To conceal the plumbing, pedestal basins feature a base that rests on the floor.

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You may make them appear more modern or more traditional depending on your preferences. Sinks may be made from a variety of materials including porcelain (the most common), metal (cast iron), stone (glass), and even wood (which can be sculpted into a variety of shapes and sizes).

Mirror is your best friend

bath mirror

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The height of the bathroom may be accentuated by using a tall mirror. Reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, increase the perceived size of a space while also amplifying the illumination provided by light fixtures. Reflective ceramic tiles may also serve to brighten the bathroom. Because they’re easier to maintain, glossy surfaces are a popular choice for modern bathroom designs.

Choose a calming colour scheme

bath color

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It’s no accident that relaxing shades like aqua blue and pastel blue are prevalent in spa decor. A relaxing colour palette comprising bright hues and blueish cold tones should be used whenever possible. Metallic accessories in the bathroom should be chosen with care, and they should be finished in a clean white finish.

Make sure you have enough light

Bath light

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The harsh, unpleasant lighting in most bathrooms may be remedied with a little creative interior design in the bathroom. Studio lights are popular, especially near vanities where women do their makeup. Heat lamps are also popular for enhancing the steam and soothing heat produced by a warm bath or shower. A functional modern bathroom cannot be completed without adequate illumination. Make certain that task lighting and mirror lighting are properly situated to prevent casting shadows.

Organise your storage space wisely

bath storage

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Even if your bathroom is on the smaller side, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on storage. It is possible to include concealed hidden storage places in several methods. In certain bathrooms, a hole cut into the wall behind a ceramic tile might be used to conceal a storage compartment for personal care items and body products. Use vertical space for modern bathroom designs, if possible.

Medicine cabinets are a must, and they may be installed into the wall if desired. For a small shelf above and hooks below, you may mount it in front of or behind a mirror. The bathtub or shower may be used as a place to keep certain things, while over-the-door hooks can be used to hang pajamas or other clothing.

Make appropriate use of corner space

Bath corner

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When it comes to modern bathroom ideas for small spaces, the gap between the corners of the walls is often disregarded. Independent shelves and racks as well as floating drawers can be integrated effortlessly in the corners to maximise storage space.

Consider tile textures

bath tile

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Make sure the tiles you choose for the shower base aren’t too slippery for your modern bathroom. Tiles with rougher surfaces, on the other hand, are more difficult to clean since they are more likely to collect dirt. Anti-slip porcelain and ceramic tiles should be your go-to choice which is extremely popular in bathroom showers, since they are both convenient and safe to walk on, and are available in a wide range of colours, textures and finishes.


Bath Decor

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Whether you splash out or hunt through the discount sites, accessories are an excellent way to personalise your environment. Accessories might vary according to personal preference. Artificial plants are ideal for bathrooms that get little natural light. Gallery walls, soap dispensers, towel racks, lighting fixtures are all excellent additions to your modern bathroom design.

Modern bathroom designs: avoid these 5 common mistakes

Complicated layouts 

A bathroom is a practical area, and function must always take precedence over design, particularly in a small space like a guest bathroom. For a modern toilet design, remember to provide adequate distance between sanitaryware to allow for comfortable movement and sitting or standing.

Towel rails should be installed within easy grasping reach of the bath or shower, and cabinet and shower doors should be able to open completely without being obstructed by anything.

Inadequate pipe planning

However, before you begin your modern bathroom design layout, you must first address a more crucial underlying issue: where are your pipes going to be placed? Begin with the soil stack, which is a large pipe that collects and transports wastewater from your sanitaryware. Consider how the smaller pipes will connect to the soil pipe, since the arrangement and quality of your underfloor joists may have an impact on how they connect.

Ignoring privacy

A window in the bathroom is essential for light and air, but it might expose you to unwanted attention from others. A simple window treatment option for limiting light and privacy, particularly when a bathtub has been carefully situated to take advantage of a great view, is adding shutters.

Ignoring the available wall space

Bathroom wall space is often disregarded, but when used correctly, it may be a great storage solution. Towel storage shelves make a visual statement, and cutout alcoves provide depth that is ideal for displaying fashionable products and bathroom plants. When it comes to storage, as the phrase goes, “buy cheap, buy twice,” choosing a low-cost finish may rust, corrode, and may even harm adjacent surfaces. Stainless steel, on the other hand, provides long-lasting durability and hardness that will allow it to be used for many years to come.

Forgetting to prepare for the future

If you’re in your permanent home, think about how you can make your bathroom as safe and useful as possible as you and your family get older. Making the move a bit simpler with non-slip surfaces, grab grips, and replacing out twisting knobs for lever taps are all things to consider. If you’re not quite ready for that, consider leaving a blank spot in your checklist so that you may fill in the modern toilet design specifics later.

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