Bean Bags: Cocoons of comfort!

[] If you are looking to furnish your house, with a seating arrangement that is inexpensive and can be moved around easily, a bean bag may be the ideal solution. We tell you how to choose the right one, depending on your décor

Good seating is about design, functionality, comfort and style. Bean bags are not only comfortable and ergonomic and loved by children as well as adults, but are also affordable. “There is more to bean bags, than the uniquely designed and colorful covers. Bean bags can make a space appear contemporary and trendy. One can use it while studying, relaxing, watching TV, doing office work, or even to catch a nap. Moreover, it is a seating option that can be easily added, if one has many guests,” says Nishie Gupta, a Delhi-based interior designer.

You are reading: Bean Bags: Cocoons of comfort!

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Bean bags are lightweight and can be easily moved around. “You can place it in the living room, or the kid’s room, your entertainment room or even the balcony. One can even match the bean bag to the room’s wall paint and ambiance,” adds Gupta.

Durability, low maintenance cost and mobility, are the biggest advantages of bean bags, explains Mahesh M, CEO Ishanya Mall and Housl!fe (Pune). “Bean bags are available in different sizes and shapes, from small ones for kids, to extra-large and double extra-large for adults. There are different types of bean bags, like tear drop, sneaker, lounge, pear-shaped, normal bean bag, puffy style, etc.,” he elaborates.

Options for buyers

Bean bags are made out of fabrics or other soft materials, while its filling (the beans) is usually thermocol, expanded polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP). “EPS is a hard-celled plastic like Styrofoam, which is used in most bean bags, as it is lightweight and it retains its form for years. EPP foam is strong and durable. When it is pressed and released, it returns to its original form and size and it does not lose its cushioning qualities,” explains Gupta.

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One can also opt for personalised bean bags, to ensure that it blends with the theme of the home. Popular customised designs include shapes that resemble a car, football, lips, palm, banana, dolphin, zebra stripes and so on. Prices of bean bags start from approximately Rs 800 and goes up to Rs 10,000.

Says Amar Sharma, a resident of Mumbai, “My living room has a beige colour. To add vibrancy, I opted for an eye-popping red bean bag, with an image of Marilyn Monroe printed on it.”

Tips to consider, while buying a bean bag

  • Choose the bean bag’s size, depending upon who will use it – whether it is for a toddler, a teenager or an adult.
  • Always buy a good quality bean bag, so that it lasts for a few years and does not become flat.
  • Opt for a size and shape, according to where it will be placed.
  • One can choose bean bags made of leather, cotton, faux suede, vinyl or denim.
  • If vinyl feels slightly sticky during summer, then you can opt a fabric that has lead-free vinyl inks or avoid it altogether.
  • Synthetic fabrics are more durable and easy to clean.
  • For kids’ rooms, it is better to choose bean bags with detachable liners, so that they can be cleaned easily.
  • Apart from design, also check other ergonomic factors, such as the depth of the seat, compression of the bean bag, etc.
  • Sit on the bean bag and check if it is comfortable, before you buy it.
  • Bean bags with a pear-shaped design, offer better back support as they are tall.
  • Check if the bean bag is properly filled and does not have any opening from where the beans may spill out.
  • Some of bean bags have a zip that helps to replace the beans when needed.

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