Black granite kitchen countertop design

[] A black granite countertop brings sophistication and elegance to any kitchen. Here are some black granite kitchen platform design ideas to make the kitchen a warm and inviting space

Types of black granites for kitchen countertop

The natural black stone, granite, comes in amazing varieties, and subtle shades and hues that can add to the visual appeal of any kitchen style. There are two types of granite countertop materials – honed and polished.

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Honed granites are rough-looking countertops with a matte finish. Polished granite appears reflective and glossy. Black granite comes in interesting textures, swirls, and grain effects.

Kitchen with black granite

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Here are the most popular black granites used for kitchen countertops.

  • The absolute black granite (also known as jet black, premium granite, or telephone black) is an elegant solid pitch-black stone
  • Black galaxy granite has delicate designs that resemble the galaxy in the sky shining with silver and golden colours
  • Indian black granite is a dense and compact stone with a rice-grain effect
  • Pearl black granite has a black background interspersed with metallic silver, gold, green, or brown flake-like patterns
  • Cambrian black granite has a rice grain-like effect, along with a silvery reflection
  • Uba tuba black granite has black grey speckles along with fine green ones, and a few quartz-like crystals that are dotted infrequently throughout the granite
  • Agatha black granite has delicate white wavy veins flowing throughout the stone

granite kitchen design

kitchen platform design

Black granite kitchen countertop design layout ideas

Black granite has a timeless aura and appeal. Black granite countertops are stunning and add to the overall aesthetic appeal of any kitchen – contemporary or traditional. In a large kitchen, design a black granite island countertop with an in-built kitchen sink. Crafted from the same material as the countertop, a one-piece unit, integrated with a black granite sink, can give a luxurious look to the kitchen. The rectangular kitchen can be designed with L-shaped black granite countertops. Instead of the usual straight lines, add a little curve to the countertop design. In a U-shaped open kitchen go for a piano-shaped kitchen island with a curved granite worktop. In an open kitchen plan, consider an island of black granite where the countertop surface continues down the side, up to the floor. This makes the smooth black granite island a stunning focal point. Add two stools for a cosy breakfast counter! Opt for a triangular kitchen island shape for additional seating.

kitchen platform granite design

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kitchen with black granite

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Modular kitchen granite platform design

Modular kitchens have become the trend today. A black granite platform goes well with various colours in a modular kitchen. Granite platform is preferred in modular kitchens as it looks attractive, is easy to clean, and is heat-resistant. Common modular kitchen layouts include the L-Shaped, U-shaped, straight line, and parallel designs, and granite can be used as a countertop in all these styles. With a black granite countertop, one can have two- or three-coloured cabinets designed in white and sunny yellow, lime green and brown, or orange, white and black. Black granite countertops with white cabinets are an evergreen combination. Dark brown modular cabinets work wonderfully with sleek black granite countertops, beige mosaic tile backsplash and light porcelain floor tiles. Design one or two open shelves of black granite and display your crockery or potted plants. A contemporary, dark modular kitchen with a large, black granite-topped island, underneath a coffered ceiling with recessed lights can lend a luxe appeal.

Black granite kitchen countertop design

Cabinet colours for black granite countertop

When choosing a colour for your kitchen cabinets to complement your black granite countertops, there are different options to suit one’s preference and overall style. Black granite countertops are exquisite and neutral that can be paired with both colours in bold hues and subtle shades for spectacular effects When choosing a cabinet, consider the colour that will complement the subtle tones of the veins on the granite. Always consider the natural light in the kitchen and the wall paint before finalising the colour of the cabinet so that the kitchen does not appear too dark. White, yellow, cream, peach, fuchsia, orange, grey, brown-beige, blue, and red go well with black granite countertops. Wood, plywood, laminates, and frosted glass can also be used to make cabinets. If you have a smaller kitchen, then pair a black granite platform with light coloured cabinets for an open, airy and cheerful vibe.

Black granite countertop desk in an open kitchen

Work desks have found their way into the kitchen as family members work and study from home. In a small home, an exquisite black granite platform can work as a multi-functional space. One can either have a long platform or a mini black granite platform by the side that can double up as the work/study table. An open kitchen design blends with common spaces and enhances functionality. A dedicated granite countertop or kitchen island can be the perfect accessory for your lovely cooking space. This can be used as a dining area, or a relaxing spot for enjoying tea or coffee. Add an extra level to your kitchen counter, so that the higher level can be used for dining or as a bar, while the lower level can be used for meal preparations. Furniture-style islands are also useful as the area below the granite top can have wooden drawers for extra storage.

Black granite kitchen platform design

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Black granite kitchen countertop design

Kitchen platform side (edge) design

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Kitchen platform side designs can be done in curvy shapes by vertically placing the granite at one end of the platform. Granite countertop edges (which, at times, karigars in India call ‘sides’) can make a difference to the kitchen aesthetics. Granite countertop edges can be straight, bevelled, or rounded as granite can be smoothened around the exposed edges. Here are the most popular granite edge ideas for kitchen countertops.

  • The bullnose edge is a rounded, soft format that is common in kitchens. Bullnose countertop edges come in a variety of degrees, with half- and full-bullnose options.
  • Ogee, the traditional look, features a concave, round-cut, commonly seen in classic kitchen designs. This edge style has a gentle S-curve, giving the countertops an intricate look.
  • Eased edge offers a square, flat face with a sharp edge on top that is rounded slightly.
  • A bevelled edge features a subtle, angular edge, which is a clipped flat at the corners, usually at a 45-degree angle.
  • Round tops, as the name suggests, has a rounded top with a flat bottom for a traditional appearance. Rounded edges give the countertop a softer feeling, and are less likely to chip.

Black granite kitchen countertop design

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Black granite countertop backsplash ideas

There are various design options when it comes to choosing the right backsplash material and colour for a black granite countertop. The use of a black countertop works for any kitchen style because of its versatile beauty, making it suitable for several backsplash materials. With dark black shining countertops, coordinate backsplash tiles in glass, porcelain, stone, or ceramic with a glossy finish. Select from a multitude of patterns and designs (floral, abstract, geometric, 3D). Mosaic backsplash colours and patterns look fresh, contemporary, and visually appealing. Opt for kitchen tiles for backsplash that contrast with the black countertop to create a dramatic kitchen. Pick a colour that either matches the veins or spots of the countertop – let the countertop be the show-stealer! With a dark black colour countertop go for patterned backsplash tiles in light grey, silver, pearl, or beige. Another interesting option for the contemporary kitchen is to use the same black granite of the countertop on the backsplash, covering the entire wall for sheer opulence, as well as practical considerations such as easy clean-up, and a sense of continuity and flow. Stainless steel backsplash works in a modern kitchen to create contrast in textures. Those who love the simple but elegant black and white combination can choose classy white marble as a backsplash material for black granite countertops. It is perfect for adding subtle contrast to the look of the space.

Black granite kitchen countertop design

Black granite kitchen countertop design

The new trends in kitchen design are not limited to the use of granite for countertops. It is being used for kitchen doors and windows frames, for backsplashes, and even wall claddings, dining table tops and bars. Elevate the kitchen space with a seamless, luminous granite design, from the floor to the wall up to the countertop. Curves are in trend. One sees the use of subtly rounded black granite, especially in the kitchen cum dining counter. Two-tiered kitchen granite islands are preferred as countertops. They provide distinct tiers for cooking and a chic dining table, or multi-functional space for a child to attend an online school or complete their homework. Countertops of granite with veins and patterns are becoming popular as they make for an interesting pairing with other kitchen elements including the flooring, cabinets, and backsplash. They also add a nice visual background for various activities.

Black granite kitchen countertop design

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Tips to decorate the kitchen with black granite countertop

  • Choose an overall kitchen colour that brings out the black accent colours of your granite countertop. Choose paint colours that match these accents to highlight these elements in your granite countertops.
  • If you have dark granite and dark cabinets, it is better to use a lighter colour for other elements to create a contrast between these two focal points.
  • Go for different lighting styles and fixtures to ensure that the granite countertop shimmers and reflects light softly. Add lights underneath wall cupboards or at the base of floor units.
  • Pair the black granite countertop with contrasting floor tiles in white to create a bold design. The flooring colour should balance the black colour and should not make the kitchen appear dark.
  • Depending on the small particles of gold, silver and beige, select silver or brass hardware and accessories. Stainless steel handle pulls or nickel knobs are appealing hardware items that stand out.
  • Add a personal touch to beautify the kitchen with a colourful porcelain fruit bowl, pendant lights, or decorative frames (golden or silver) that blend with black granite colours, or a few herb plants on the windowsill.


How do you keep black granite clean and shiny?

Use a sponge or a soft cloth, instead of an abrasive brush, to clean the granite. Avoid cleaners that include vinegar, citrus, or any other acidic content. To add shine to your granite, wipe it with a few drops of cooking oil on a soft cloth. This makes the counter slightly stain-resistant and gives it a glossy shine.

What are the advantages of a granite countertop in the kitchen?

Granite is a natural stone, which is durable, strong, and scratch-, stain- and heat-resistant. It is practical to use granite near cooking areas as a countertop. However, it has to be sealed properly.

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