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[] Learn in this article everything there is to know about floor design for homes.

Individuals nowadays take an active role in everything from wall colour to floor design for home, and they want their home to represent their individuality. House floors, after walls, are the second most dominating component of a home’s furnishings and therefore significantly influence the home’s appearance and feel.

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However, if you are unfamiliar with some unspoken laws that many expert design teams already know, decorating the floor and picking the proper design might be difficult. Continue reading this article to learn everything there is to know about floor design for homes.

Different types of flooring materials

Before deciding on a house floor plan, homeowners should know the various flooring materials available. For example, in a tropical nation like India, the weather has a significant impact on long-term interior design. As a result, certain materials may not be suitable for humid areas like Mumbai or Kolkata. Similarly, while picking on house flooring ideas, heat and cold conditions must be considered. 

Most popular types and materials of floor design for a house

Ceramic tiles design

Ceramic tiles are the most common building material utilised in modern homes today. The tiles’ robust quality and customizable design have made it an ideal choice for customers searching for low-cost flooring choices in India without sacrificing the luxurious appearance of their floors. Ceramic floor tiles are an excellent alternative for bathrooms since they are long-lasting, robust, simple to maintain, and water-resistant.

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Hardwood floor material

Hardwood is a unique concept in India. This type of flooring was most popular just a few years ago in North America and Europe. However, some Indian homeowners who own an independent bungalow or villa choose hardwood flooring since it enhances the appearance of the floor design for the home. On the other hand, Wood is often seen as a costly raw resource. While money isn’t an issue, you may pick from various light, moderate, or additional wood hues for your house floors.

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Concrete flooring

If you ask any interior decorator in India what the most commonly utilised floor design material for house flooring is, the answer will certainly be concrete. Cement is a long-lasting, practical substance that requires little upkeep.

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Marble flooring

In the world of interior design, marble flooring is linked with luxury. Marble is a popular choice for homeowners looking for the most acceptable floor design ideas for large living rooms since it appears abundant, lively, and quickly gains visitors’ attention! Marble also comes in various colours, tints, and patterns, making it a safe choice for those seeking a traditional style. The only drawback of marble flooring is that it requires a lot of upkeep.

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Floor design ideas for living room

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When visitors come to a house, the first object they see is in the living room. As a result, homeowners devote a significant amount of effort to determining which living room floor design for the home is most suited to the living room’s style and size. In 2021, the following are some of the most famous living room floor designs:

Centrepiece living room floor design

As the name implies, the objective of this sort of floor design for houses is to capture the attention of everyone entering the space quickly. Anything from artistic creation to an abstract design can be used as a focus. The more colourful a centrepiece is, the better it will appear on the floor and add to the overall mood of the space. This floor design for houses is most often seen in large, opulent residences.

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Vinyl home floor design

Anyone looking for a quick yet highly effective and attractive living room floor design should seriously consider Vinyl sheet designs. Homeowners who prefer eye-catching pattern design would love Vinyl flooring that comes with endless designs and patterns. In addition, vinyl is water-resistant, making it a perfect material for living room floors. 

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Suitable floor design for bathrooms in 2022

We envision a secluded environment that provides comfort and relaxation when we think about bedrooms. But even though the days of bedrooms being only for sleep are long gone, many individuals now consider their bedrooms to be a place where they may read a book, watch television, and spend some quality time.

Carpet design flooring

Carpet flooring is an excellent choice for bedrooms since it provides the most “quietness” of any other material commonly utilised for home flooring. You may now get lovely carpets with the most incredible house floor design and have them installed in your bedroom. Many home décor gurus recommend carpeting in the bedrooms if you want traditional patterns and natural warmth.

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Tonal floor design

Colour plays a significant part in interior design for those who believe in the ancient architectural science of Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui. Tonal floor designs use colour theory to produce various designs and bring out the good energy that colours like blue, yellow, green, and white possess. To improve the look and feel of the bedroom, one may use tiles, hardwood, vinyl, and various colours.

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Floor designs for dining room and kitchen

The dining room and kitchen are two separate rooms in many of today’s vast and expensive residences and villas. Nonetheless, a considerable portion of India’s population lives in small apartments with a single room that serves as both a dining room and a kitchen. Here are among the most popular kitchen and dining room floor design ideas.

High contrast floor designs

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It is the most incredible floor plan for homeowners, with a single space that serves as both a kitchen and a dining room. Because of the high contrast floor design, you may pick between black and white, blue and yellow, to indicate which portion of the room is for the kitchen and which is for the Dining. Furthermore, you could immediately create this pattern with a variety of floor materials, including tiles, vinyl, hardwood, and so on.

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Chess board style chequered design

The 3000-year-old game of chess has inspired one of the most incredible modern-style house floor ideas! The chessboard design is appealing because of the direct contrast between black and white. This two-colour combination creates a beautiful tile floor design for a home that lends exquisite air to the kitchen and dining room. The most excellent aspect of this design is that the homeowner has total control over the square sizes, colour combinations, and patterns!

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Floor laminate design for kitchen

Some home floor design photos appear as interior design trends, but they quickly become one of the most popular design concepts. For various reasons, laminate flooring is ideal for the kitchen and dining room. The material is readily clean and stain-resistant, for starters, making it an excellent choice for a space with a lot of food activity. Furthermore, laminate floor designs for homes are pretty inexpensive and available in various rustic, contrast, and creative styles, offering homeowners lots of alternatives.

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Best floor designs for bathrooms in 2022

When it comes to the bathroom in the house, choosing the suitable floor material is critical. Because the floor will continually be in touch with water, soap, and steam, it is essential to adopt an anti-slip new pattern, so no one slips and falls in the bathroom. This being said, there are indeed a plethora of ways to make the bathroom floor fashionable while still keeping it safe.

Honeycomb floor design for home

Bathroom tiles are the most acceptable choice since they are waterproof and have anti-slip coating. A hexagonal honeycomb-like shape is one of the most incredible floor designs for your bathroom, and it instantly transforms the space! This style is attractive and may be tailored to the requirements of the homeowners. This style of floor design for a home has a lot of advantages, including the fact that it is very inexpensive and can be done with large or tiny tiles.

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Mosaic bathroom floor design

Another famous bathroom flooring option is mosaic design, which combines the best: artistic design and safe, non-slip, waterproof floor tiles! A mosaic pattern is made up of tiny fragments of shattered tiles. It is a terrific alternative for a kid’s bathroom since you can make any design with the smaller tiles, and the bathroom floor will seem brighter!

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Selecting a suitable floor design for a home takes some work and study into which materials are appropriate for various areas and the assistance of a specialist. If you’re looking for competent professional aid, NoBroker has the top interior design specialists accessible.

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