Wooden flooring tile designs

[] Here are a few important points that might help you make an informed decision about wooden tile flooring.

The appearance and feel of your house are largely determined by its flooring. Despite common opinion, the kind of flooring in your house does have a role in its overall appeal. However, we are at a standstill if we should go with wooden flooring tile. When making this selection, it isn’t only about how it looks, but also how it works and how feasible it is. Here are a few important distinctions that might help you make an informed decision.

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Wooden flooring

If you’re looking to bring a sense of warmth and luxury to your home, wooden flooring tiles are a great option. The most popular flooring choice in India is laminate. From 100 to 150 per square foot, laminate flooring is an affordable option.

wooden flooring

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Aesthetic appeal

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Flooring options such as wood vs. tile must be judged based on their visual appeal. As a bonus, wooden flooring tiles contribute to the room’s cosiness by offering a comprehensive finish. In order to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at home, you should install wood flooring in at least one room.


Tongue and groove junctions are used in the construction of laminate boards, and they are simple to repair. Prior to putting wooden flooring tiles down, check to see that the floor is flat. In addition, since wood expands when exposed to heat, ensure that the required spaces are left between the boards.

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Despite their durability, wooden flooring tiles require a lot of upkeep due to their susceptibility to water damage. For general cleaning, use a slightly moist mop; however, vacuum any spills as early as possible. Abrasions may occur if you drag any item over the surface.

Perfect for cold weathers

Wooden flooring tiles are ideal for keeping your feet toasty in cold weather and for households with senior residents since it is slip-resistant.


  • Wooden flooring tiles are elegant and appropriate for the colder months
  • Wooden flooring tiles give off a homey atmosphere.
  • Wooden flooring tiles are slip-resistant


  • Scratches are common in wooden flooring tiles.
  • Wooden flooring tiles are neither water-repellent nor moisture-proof
  • Frequent cleaning of wooden flooring tiles is required.

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Tiled flooring

For the time being, we’ll limit ourselves to ceramic and vitrified tiles, the two most common types of tile in use, despite the fact that there are many more possibilities. They come in a choice of textures, including glossy and rough, to meet a wide range of needs and specifications. Colour, design, and kind of tile determine how much it costs per sq. ft., although prices start at as little as 60 per square foot.

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Tiled flooring

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Aesthetic appeal

Tile flooring is a popular choice because of the wide variety of colours, textures, and designs it comes in. If you’re looking for a strong contrast or to soften the space, there are several possibilities for floor tile.


Using cement mortar, tiles are set on top of a base coat, and the seams are filled in with white cement to complete the installation. Using an adhesive, you may put the tiles on top of an existing cement floor if you already have one.


Tiles that have been correctly laid won’t need maintenance for many years to come. This flooring is a breeze to keep clean and free of dust.

Perfect for

For those living in moist and tropical areas, this is an essential feature in every house. In the event that you have a pet, they’re a terrific option.


  • Persistent
  • There are a number of different options.
  • Cleaning and upkeep are simple.


  • Slippery when wet

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