Home Décor Predictions for 2017

[] 2017 is going to be a trendy year for #HomeDécor, with blues, greens and some 80s revival! Here are some trend predictions by Pinterest.

Time to embrace the blues, because deep, dark blue shades are making their way back; and for good reason. They pair beautifully with natural woods and metallic finishes.

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Home gardens have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and now they’re being incorporated into home décor in chic and contemporary ways. Think hanging vases, and wall art.

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Move over metal and wood, acrylic furniture is back in business! Not to be confused with cheap and tacky plastic furniture, acrylic chairs, stools and tables in the right shade can make your space look 80s chic.

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Wood is making a comeback, but not just plain wood! Interesting textures for furniture and slats and overlaps for flooring make for interesting décor.

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Copper has always been a popular choice for adding metallic elements to home décor. Pair with fresh new pastel colours to refresh its look.

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Go farmhouse chic with rustic furniture, especially in your dining area. Make use of the big, bright space and always have a picnic spot ready in you home!

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Get ready to embrace ‘Hygge’. The Danish word Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga) represents a culture of cosiness, joy and well-being – often cited as the reason why Denmark is voted one of the happiest countries in the world!

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Whether it is cuddling up on a comfy sofa, surrounded by fragrant candles and plushy pillows, or warming your feet on a thick carpet, Hygge means different things to different people, with one central theme – being as comfortable and cozy as possible.

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Using marble in décor is perhaps the easiest way to add some instant class and luxury. However, since it isn’t the cheapest material to use on a large scale, embrace some beautiful marble wallpaper, and find creative ways to use it all over the house.

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The nightstand has gone from being an item of utility, to a chic décor piece in the bedroom. Hide away your pills and lotions in a drawer, and use your nightstand to display some flowers, family pictures or a statement lamp instead.

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