Home décor tips for Taurus sun sign

[] Decorating or renovating your home? You may want to consider décor based on your sun sign, to add positive energy to your space. Here are some décor tips for home owners belonging to the Taurus zodiac sign (April 21 – May 20)

If your sun sign is Taurus, then, in all likelihood, you would prefer to live in the countryside amidst nature, rather than in a city, as yours is one of the earthiest signs. Home owners belonging to this sun sign, like to have homes that they can take immense pride in showing to people.

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Overall home décor for Taurus home owners

You align with a very down-to-earth ambience at home. Earthy colors, soft and comfortable fabrics, blankets, rugs and carpets, practical tools, wooden frame furniture, an efficient music system and fresh flowers, exude vibrations that are favorable for this sun sign and can be creatively utilised, to design your living space.

Colour code

Empowering hues: The vibrations of colours like green, earthy tones, yellow, yellow-orange, pale blue and deep pink, are said to be empowering for you. You can use these colours on the walls of your home, or to accessorise your space creatively.

Hues of harmony: You abhor change in your home environment and routine, like no other sign of the zodiac. Needless to say, this trait may frequently be a cause of friction between you and others at home. Surround yourself with shades of red-violet and violet, as these are believed to promote harmony.

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Colours impacting earning power: Yellow and yellow-orange colours are said to influence your earning power.

Furniture for Taurus home owners

You like a feeling of substance in your environment. Little wonder then, you incline towards heavy furniture. More often than not, you prefer comfortable, slow-moving energy around you. The more furniture you put in a room, the slower the energy will flow. If the furniture is soft and textured, the energy will move even slower. This makes for a very comfortable, settled mood, in which you can relax and feel cosy.

Fabrics for Taurus home owners

Soft, natural fabrics with horizontal patterns, appeal to your taste. Bring in items like large cushions, full-length curtains, rugs, carpets, lamps with cloth shades on low tables or on the floor, or even fabric wall hangings, to do up your personal corner.

Home décor tips for Taurus sun sign

Fragrances for Taurus home owners

As people belonging to this sign have a great affinity for nature, the aroma of some natural herbs, plants, flowers and fruits in your living space, can enliven you. Burning candles, incense sticks or dhoop with natural fragrances at home, will remarkably uplift your spirits. Conventional aromas like that of rose, violet, patchouli and sandalwood please your senses.

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Home décor tips for Taurus sun sign

Nature in the house

Indoor plants, flowers, balcony gardens, vertical gardens, etc., can bring nature into your home and lift your mood, even as it heals the space around you. Images of nature around the house, can also impact your mood positively.

Keep the house clutter-free

Regular clearing of clutter and cleansing is mandatory, no matter how aligned to your sun sign your home décor may be. You may decide to clear the clutter but by the nature of your sun sign, you may very well end up rearranging everything that you actually ought to let go. Hence, while spring cleaning, it is advisable to have someone around, who you like and respect, to help you to get rid of the unwanted items in your house.


You desire to splurge on your home décor but often, you curb your desires, even when you can afford it. It is believed that people of this sun sign lived miserly lives in the past lifetimes, even when they had plenty of money. Now, you need to accept that it is all right to enjoy nice things.

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