Interview with Namrata Jain, Founder of modern décor label ‘Home Artisan’

[] ‘Where form meets function, trendy meets timeless, and style meets simplicity’. Husband-wife duo Namrata and Samkit started their label ‘Home Artisan’ with the objective of bringing modern global décor trends into Indian homes

“We use William Morris’ quote as our design compass: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful””, says Namrata Jain about the design philosophy behind her increasingly popular décor label. Here are excerpts from our interview with her about current decor trends in India, her recommendations for a quick design overhaul in your home, and her vision for ‘Home Artisan’.

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Home Artisan Lantern
Augustin Stainless Steel Lantern

1) What are the latest trends you’ve noticed in Interior Design?

We see the following key trends playing out in home decor today:

Copper – It has a familiar warmth and upscale elegance that instantly amps up the sophistication of a space; and has now percolated to all sorts of décor accents such as lighting, sculptures, and kitchenware

Hygge – Pronounced as “hoo-ga”, Hygge is related to the Scandinavian concept of coziness. It translates into decorating with elements such as throws, cushions, and candles to create a warm and comforting environment

Geometric – Geometric décor was again big in 2016, and we think it’s going to be even bigger in 2017. We just love how the most basic shapes of squares, triangles, etc., can come together to create a seemingly endless array of stunning patterns

Scandinavian/Nordic Design – This one’s our personal favourite, and one that’s gathering popularity in India as well. Scandinavian design is all about “less is more” – so minimalism, muted shades, and clean lines

2) What are some interesting pieces homeowners can add to their decor this spring-summer season?

A big focus area for us this summer is bed linen. We as a country have been obsessed with our bright floral sheets, and while they still look good, we think it’s time to move on to more modernistic geometric designs, solids, and muted tones.

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Another area where we’d love to see more people experiment is lanterns – they look gorgeous no matter where you put them. Everyone seems to gush over them all the time in luxury hotels and spas, but we’re always surprised at the dearth of lanterns in most homes.

1 600x400 1
Mason Blue and Turquoise Geometric Print Bed Sheet

3) What are some simple and inexpensive ways in which you can decorate your home, without needing a major décor or design overhaul?

Here’s a few tips and tricks that we personally rely on to spruce up our homes without spending a bomb:

  • Change your bed linen – It will instantly change the entire look of your bedroom
  • Add new cushions – Choose different coloured cushions to add a fresh pop of colour to your room
  • Frame a new picture – New memories in old frame equals new look!
  • Get a new lamp base or lamp shade – A new, different coloured base or shade can instantly refresh the look of a room
Photo Frames
Photo Frames

4) How do you go about sourcing the artefacts you use in your decor?

We spend a lot of time studying trends, exploring materials and colours, and curating designs. Every product in our collection has a clear design inspiration rooted in current home decor trends. We also work closely with local artisans in experimenting with new designs.

5) What are some unique materials you look out for when making your décor pieces.

We’re loving natural stones such as agate and quartz! They’re already popular for coasters, but we’re also experimenting right now with using them for photo frames and clocks. We also look at how we can combine traditional materials in interesting ways. For example, our Augustin lantern is crafted from stainless steel – shiny, lustrous, very modern, but we accentuate it with a contrasting rusting jute rope handle.

Blue Agate Coaster with Golden Edging
Blue Agate Coaster with Golden Edging

6) Tell us a little bit about ‘Home Artisan’ – what do you consider most unique about your décor label?

An artisan is guided by a singular passion – a relentless pursuit of mastery of his or her craft. That is a value that strongly resonates with us. We go to extraordinary lengths in the pursuit of our passion: to help everyone craft beautiful homes. Hence the name ‘Home Artisan’.

We actually bring a very different mindset to our work than most others. Many decor brands focus on inundating customers with more and more options, ultimately increasing the cognitive load on them to make a choice. We don’t want to bring our customers the most products, we want to bring them the best!

7) What are the kind of décor accessories that are trending currently? What are the new styles and types of these available?

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Candles, candle holders and lanterns are very popular now, due to a combination of factors: they help create an intimate ambience, they’re versatile: can be placed on coffee tables, nightstands, shelves, you name it, and they make great gifts! In terms of design innovation, geometric shapes and patterns are breaking the monotony of the typical cylindrical designs in this space.

Geometric Gold Candle Holder
Geometric Gold Candle Holder

8) Any new ideas for modern décor in specific areas of the house, like bathrooms, kitchen, dining areas and centre tables, etc.?

We love styling coffee/centre tables – it’s almost a hobby for us now. You can style your centre/coffee table with coffee table books, lanterns, vases and candles. Try elements of different heights such as a book, a candle and a lantern to add some visual depth, and to avoid making it distracting.

Conical Etched-Glass Candle Holder
Conical Etched-Glass Candle Holder

9) Which décor trend is currently your personal favourite?

My favourite trend is Scandinavian design, it resonates well with my own personal style. I like clean lines, muted colours and cozy settings when it comes to decorating.

10) Metallic accents seem to be popular these days. What are ways in which people can use metal subtly in their homes?

Metallics is another key home decor trend that’s been trending for some time. We love the modern, industrial-chic appeal metallic accents create. From a functional aspect, metallics are both malleable and durable, so it gives an option to play around with the form without compromising function.

But, it’s easy to go overboard with them. Since metals have their own sheen and luster, it is best to keep the other materials and colours in the room subdued so that the metallic accents stand out. You can use them alongside wood or marble to create a sophisticated and elegant look.

Harrington Rose Gold Stainless Steel Lantern
Harrington Rose Gold Stainless Steel Lantern

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