Sneak-peak into Kangana Ranaut’s house in Mumbai and Manali

[] Let us take you through the glamorous interiors of Kangana Ranaut’s houses in Mumbai and Manali.

Kangana Ranaut is a famous Indian actress and successful Bollywood film producer. She is noted for her versatility and depiction of strong women in female-centric films. She has received multiple awards, including four National Film Awards, five Filmfare Awards, and India’s fourth highest civilian award, the Padmashree. Kangana Ranaut owns a 5 BHK property in Mumbai and an European-style mansion in her hometown of Manali

You are reading: Sneak-peak into Kangana Ranaut’s house in Mumbai and Manali

Let us take you through the glamorous interiors of Kangana Ranaut’s house in Mumbai and Manali.

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Kangana Ranaut’s house in Mumbai

Kangana Ranaut has constantly been in the news—for her outspoken ideas, movies, tweets, and more. If there’s one more item we think should make headlines, it’s her Mumbai house, designed by Richa Bahl.

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A house that resonates with her Himalayan roots

Her formative years in Mumbai were spent in a one-room Versova flat. Following her Bollywood fame, she purchased an apartment in a Santacruz high-rise, with her unexpected affluence design imprint. The residence is at a prominent location in Mumbai, and is easily accessible to the Bollywood community. Kangana Ranaut’s house in Mumbai also serves as an office for her production firm. The area is enormous and gets a lot of sunshine.

With Bahl’s assistance, Ranaut has created a rustic refuge with tactile walls, wooden beamed ceilings, and slate tiles on the floor, similar to her great grandmother’s family house. Some guests are perplexed by the ‘lived-in’ appearance. She recalls an event in which one of her relatives, disgusted by the dusty appearance of the walls, volunteered to clean them for her.

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Kangana Ranaut house in Manali

A nest in the Himalayan mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a meditation retreat that promises serenity, calm, and quiet! Don’t we all like to have a space like that? Kangana Ranaut desired a house away from home that would take her from the frantic big-screen city life. The space responds to her aspirations of having a tranquil, quiet area and perfectly harmonises with its surroundings. As a result, this house was conceived; a home in the heart of Manali with the assistance of  Shabnam Gupta of Shabnam Gupta Interiors and The Orange Lane. 

A house that celebrates mountains

Kangana Ranaut’s House in Manali features sloping roofs that provide magnificent views of the mountains and surrounding nature. The exterior is cladded in grey clay tiles, which give the facade a peaceful appearance. The driveway is made of stone, and there is a porch in front.

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A white door and matching windows with louvred shutters, as well as a metal roof above, define the gateway porch.

The ground-floor living area features an earthy tone and contemporary chairs, with a spectacular ceiling overhead. The living room of this vintage classic mountain bungalow has an antiquated timber ceiling and hardwood floors, and the upholstery in leather and cloth adds a splash of colour.

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Shabnam’s furnishings exude mountain beauty. The hallway’s hand-painted wood panelling looks like it belongs to Europe, not Manali. There are plaid upholstery, family portraits, and ancient shawls that serve as covers. Kangana Ranaut’s house in Manali is the  epitome of cosy. The only indications that you’re at the home of a prominent Bollywood superstar are the home gym and the cinematic snow-capped mountain vistas from every room, including the all-glass conservatory where Kangana relaxes.

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