Vanity countertops that give your bathroom the wow look

[] Mentioned are vanity countertop materials to help you change the vibe of your bathroom

A bathroom is where you can spend some quality time in solitude after a long hectic day. Bathroom decor often doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. Well, indeed, now is the time that your bathroom gets its due importance. Vanity countertops are the first step in giving your bathroom a worthy design upgrade. The surface of your bathroom countertop should be durable and be able to withstand soap, water, cosmetics, etc. 

Vanity countertop materials to help you change the vibe of your bathroom

1.Granite – a sturdy choice as bathroom countertops

Granite is a popular choice for bathroom countertops since it is easy to clean and requires low maintenance owing to its antimicrobial features. Granite comes in shades of brown, grey, green, black, white, red, pink, and yellow. A wide range of surface patterns like waves, patches, streaks, etc., is available. Sealing granite is essential as it is semi-porous.

Granite - a sturdy choice as bathroom countertops

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2. Marble vanity countertops for great aesthetics

Marble bathroom countertops are classy and elegant, having beautiful colorations and appealing veins all over. It costs more than granite and requires sealing and maintenance. Wide ranges of colour and finishes are available.

Marble vanity countertop

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3. Laminate – an affordable option for your bathroom countertops

Laminate is a cheap, low-maintenance alternative to expensive marble and granite bathroom countertops. They are easy to install, but they can experience delamination from water damage.

laminate bathroom countertop

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4. Ceramic/Porcelain tiles for your walls and bathroom countertops

Ceramic tiles are an affordable premium bathroom countertop option. They come in a varied range of designs and are easy to install. The tiles, however, are brittle and might crack under pressure. They require time to time cleaning and resealing as the grout lines are susceptible to discoloration and stains.

laminate bathroom countertop

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5. Quartz for heat and stain resistant countertops

Quartz bathroom countertops are an engineered stone product manufactured from 70%-90% ground-up quartz and other mineral stones blended with pigments and resins and then made into the shape of slabs for countertops. They come in different styles, which are very similar to natural stone slabs. The colour of quartz is more uniform than other natural stones. They are stain-resistant and somewhat expensive.

Quartz bathroom countertop

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6. Lava vanity countertops for your bathroom

Lava stone is collected from ancient places of volcanic eruptions. It is durable, stylish, and crack, stain, and heat resistant. This stone can be glazed to blend effortlessly with your existing bathroom design.

lava countertop

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7. Solid surface bathroom countertops for a stylish look

Solid surface bathroom countertops are made from blending polyester and acrylic particles and bonding them with resins. They resemble natural stones and come in different styles and colours like Corian, Swanstone, Silestone, etc. The appearance of this material is somewhat artificial, and it looks less classy than natural stones. The heat from hair styling appliances can affect the countertop.

solid surface countertop

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8. Concrete – a trendy vanity countertop material

The first thing that comes to mind when concrete is the rough grey sidewalks. But this is not the case for concrete vanity countertops. Countertops made of concrete are polished, stained, and textured. Concrete countertops are highly durable and robust. However, in the case of a crack,  there is no option for repairing it. Replacement is the only alternative.

concrete countertop

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9. Crushed glass bathroom countertop for a unique look

Although relatively new in the market, crushed glass bathroom countertops are quickly becoming popular. It is made from recycled crushed glass embedded in clear acrylic or concrete; these countertops can make your bathroom appealing. Each crushed glass countertop is different from the other one since they are custom fabricated. Crushed glass countertops are durable and can be cleaned easily.

crushed glass countertop

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10. Wooden countertops to elevate the look of your bathroom

Wood is a timeless material for home decor. Several style options like flat grain, end grain, and edge grain are available. They can also be incorporated with inlays, borders, stripes, and checkerboard patterns. A few wood species to choose from are bamboo, oak, maple, teak, walnut, and wenge. Wood bathroom countertops are susceptible to minor scratches and stains. Don’t forget to apply a water-resistant finish to save your wooden countertop from water damage.

wooden countertops

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Some other natural stone options for your vanity countertop

There are some other natural stone options apart from marble & granite that you can use for your vanity countertops.

natural stone countertops 390x260 2

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  • Slate 

It is a good choice for vanity countertops as it becomes stain-resistant when sealed. They come in uniform shades of grey, black, and green.

  • Soapstone 

It is a milky non-porous stone that can be used as a vanity countertop. It has subtle veining and comes in shades of white and grey.

  • Limestone

It is a somewhat rare option for bathroom countertops because of its porous nature. Make sure you regularly seal it.

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