Wall texture: Trending design ideas for your house

[] A textured wall in your home can create a more dramatic effect than a regular painted wall or one with wallpaper. Make a style statement with these wall texture designs

With evolving décor trends, home owners have started preferring flat and plain walls and focusing on suitable colours to design a room. However, adding wall texture has been quite a popular technique for many years. You can either include the texture to all four walls of a room or use it for a single accent wall. Adding texture to the walls gives more depth to the space, while making your home look beautiful and welcoming. Explore these unique texture designs for the walls and add personality to your abode.

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Wall texture for living room

Brick wall texture

The brick look can elevate the overall appeal of the living room. You can choose from numerous living room texture paint colours and shades, such as earthy browns, reds or rich white hues, to give a contemporary look to the space.

Wall texture

Wall texture design

Matte textured wall paint

The matte finish look is growing in popularity these days. It is widely used not only for furniture, phones and cars, but also used for interior walls. Adding this texture to the living room walls is a sure way to take the décor quotient to the next level.

Wall texture: Trending design ideas for your house

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Faux animal skin wall texture

Many home owners continue to be fascinated by animal skin patterns like crocodiles, snakes and leopards. These patterns can either be included in furniture and upholstery or as interesting wall texture using textured wall paint.

Wall texture: Trending design ideas for your house

Wall texture for bedroom

Wood-like panels texture

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Wall texture designs that appear like layered bricks or wooden panels, are also trending. This look is achieved by creating the textures through expert painting techniques. It lends a classy appeal to any living room or bedroom.

Wall texture: Trending design ideas for your house

Unfinished concrete texture

This wall texture resembles an actual concrete finish while bringing a touch of elegance to the overall appearance of the bedroom. You can team it with subtle colours like grey for the upholstery and other décor items.

Wall texture: Trending design ideas for your house

Geometric patterns

Inspiring wall texture designs with geometric patterns are perfect for contemporary bedrooms. You can choose colours that blend with the overall aesthetics of the room.

Wall texture: Trending design ideas for your house

Wall texture for kitchen

Hexagon-shaped blocks

Choosing hexagon-shaped tiles to create a honeycomb-like texture is one design idea that many home owners prefer. The wall texture can be used for any room, to transform a blank wall into an eye-catching space. It is best suited for the kitchen walls and makes for a perfect background.

Wall texture: Trending design ideas for your house

Textured accent wall

Introducing a textured accent wall in the kitchen is one way to uplift the overall look of the room. You can also include a textured backsplash. You do not require rough edges for the texture. All you need is slabs having a textured look while retaining the glossy finish.

Wall texture: Trending design ideas for your house

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Wall texture for bathroom

Slap brush wall texture

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Slap brush wall texture is a design that is easy to create on drywall surfaces. You can use textured wall paint for bathroom spaces, especially to create an accent wall.

Wall texture: Trending design ideas for your house

Textured wall tiles

Textural wall tiles in subtle hues like grey or charcoal add a luxurious look to a bathroom space.

Wall texture: Trending design ideas for your house

Exterior wall texture

Stucco wall finish

Stucco walls and ceilings can be designed to achieve a rustic and vintage look for the interiors and exteriors. While stucco walls are suitable for modern interior spaces, they look great if used for outdoor spaces like the patio.

Wall texture: Trending design ideas for your house

Vibrant wall texture

A wall texture painted in vibrant hues like orange, can create an impressive look for the outdoor space of your home. You can complement the look by decking up the room with outdoor furniture.

Wall texture: Trending design ideas for your house

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What are the different types of wall texture?

Various wall texture designs have become popular nowadays. Here are some of the popular ones, classified based on the different techniques they involve:

  • Comb texture: The texture involves creating fine lines of various widths and shapes, forming a repeated series of rainbow patterns. The method involves the use of a drywall compound, a roller and a drywall trowel.
  • Orange peel texture: The texture that appears like the peel of an orange is produced using a hopper gun having an air-adjustable valve, an air compressor and a drywall compound.
  • Popcorn texture: The texture is often preferred for the ceilings and is used for hiding imperfections and its ability to absorb sound. It is created using an air compressor and a hopper spray gun. The design is typically created in white colour, comprising a dry mix of drywall mud and polystyrene.
  • Slap brush texture: The texture is achieved simply using a stomp brush and smoothly layering a drywall compound layer on the wall surface. It is one of the preferred textures used for bathroom walls, especially due to its ability to cover wall imperfections while also enhancing the distinctive features on a wall.
  • Sand swirl: The creation of this unique texture involves rolling a perlite primer already mixed with sand while creating an arched pattern with it. It involves making rounded hand motions to bring the effect.


What is wall texture made of?

Wall textures are created using various techniques with simple paint strokes, rollers, stencils, etc. They may include materials like stone, grains of sand, gypsum, etc.

What is the difference between texture and pattern in interior design?

A pattern is a visual element that comprises a repetition of a graphic motif on a surface. On the other hand, texture refers to the quality of the surface or material, i.e., smooth, rough, glossy, etc.

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