Wash basins designs for your bathroom

[] We look at some latest bathroom wash basin ideas and designs and the different types of wash basins, to make your bathroom look more elegant

For many home owners, the bathroom is one of the most relaxing parts of the home. Hence, they give equal attention to its décor and theme, like any other part of the home. However, one important thing which often gets ignored or does not get enough attention, is the bathroom wash basin. It is an important element, as it is functional, durable and adds aesthetic value to the space. Choosing the right kind of wash basin design for your bathroom is a tricky task and requires a lot of browsing, searching and shortlisting. Here are some of the basics related to selecting bathroom wash basin designs, which could be of help to you.

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Bathroom wash basin design ideas

To bring a luxurious appeal for your home and create a great impression on your guests, you can install designer wash basins. These modern wash basin designs for bathroom are available in different materials like marble, wood, stainless steel, etc. Moreover, there are numerous styles and sizes you can choose, based on the size of your bathroom.

Nowadays, there are modern bathroom basin designs that come with storage solutions. These are excellent bathroom wash basin ideas for small homes. By including luxury fittings and suitable lighting, they help create a minimally aesthetic bathroom.

There is a wide range of colours you can use for the wash basin design. A basin design for bathroom with matte finish can add an opulent look to the space.

Here are some magnificent and modern wash basin designs for bathroom:

Wash basins designs for your bathroom

Wash basins designs for your bathroom

Since most homes in India have compact bathroom areas, installing corner basins are an excellent option for small bathrooms. You can use a wooden slab to complete the design and place planters for enhancing the overall décor.

Wash basins designs for your bathroom

Wash basin designs in dining room and hall

A wash basin in hall or dining room is a noticeable feature in many Indian homes. Having a stylish washbasin with the concealed water connection makes the space functional while it enhances the overall aesthetics of the house. When going for wash basin designs in a hall, you can also opt for materials like marble, which blends well with any décor  especially if there are marble tiles in the bathroom.

If you have a small dining room, wash basin designs in the dining hall can be placed in a corner. Some options of wash basin for dining hall are a counter top wash basin design made of stone that is easy to install and maintain. You can pick pedestal basins which come as a single unit or ones with pedestal that can be detached. This type of wash basin for dining rooms is ideal for compact homes and look elegant.

Check these dining room wash basin photos that show the latest design trends:

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Wash basins designs for your bathroom

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Wash basins designs for your bathroom

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One of the trending modern wash basin designs in hall is one made of glass. Wash basin designed in thick glass with a stylish countertop enhances the décor appeal of the room. You can place a dining table set in similar design to create a cohesive look.

Types of wash basins in India

Here are some of the common Indian wash basin designs that can be a perfect addition for your home.

Counter top wash basin design or wash basin table top design

Table top wash basin designs or counter top designs in India are also called self-rimming or drop-in basins. These are durable and aesthetically beautiful. Since these are easy to install, it is a common choice for all kinds of bathrooms. Most of the hotels, spas and resorts have counter-top wash basin designs. When planning for a wash basin counter design for your home, you can opt for natural materials like quartz or marble that will add a sophisticated look.

Counter top wash basin

Wash basin with pedestal

Such wash basins are installed on a stand. The basin design for bathroom comes as a single unit or as a detachable pedestal and basin. These provide a designer look and are perfect for modern bathrooms. Pedestal wash basins are often found in guest bathrooms where space is less. Since these are sleek washroom basin designs, they create an illusion of space. We have seen such wash basin design in most Indian homes. You can go for such freestanding wash basin designs in a hall with simple and minimalist décor.

Wash basin with pedestal

Wall mount wash basin

As the name suggests, these basins are fixed on walls with the help of screws. Note that while buying wall mount wash basins, do not choose options that are too heavy, as these will be affixed with screws and may not be very durable. These bathroom basin designs are more affordable than pedestal wash basins and therefore, most preferred in Indian homes.

Wall mount wash basin

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Under-counter wash basin

These are the most common wash basin design in luxury bathrooms, as they look modern and are easy to clean. It does not have rims that store debris and germs. You may find these kinds of wash basins in shopping malls and airports. A small wash basin design like this one with adequate space for keeping accessories like handwashes and plants looks elegant and convenient at the same time.

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Under counter wash basin

Above-counter wash basin

For ultra-modern bathrooms, above-counter wash basin design for home is the popular choice. Such wash basins with cabinets rise above the console and create a focal point that adds elegance to the space. The height of the countertop is not much but it is convenient enough so that the basin can be accessed easily. An elegant wash basin counter design with enough space to accommodate all the necessary bathroom accessories will create a great impression on your guests.

Above-counter wash basin

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What material to choose for the wash basin ?

Currently, the market is flooded with a variety of wash basins made of different materials, apart from ceramic. Here are some of the trendiest wash basin materials that can add glamour to your bathroom:

Stone wash basin

Wash basins made of stone are sought-after in luxury and high-end interior décor. The most common type of stone used for making wash basins is marble. These are very durable and add a refined look. However, apart from being expensive, these wash basins are difficult to clean.

Stone wash basin

Metal wash basin

Wash basins made of metal or steel are usually found in kitchens, in industrial and commercial spaces. While these are easy to clean and low-cost, they can also be installed in the bathroom space. However, it may look out of place, if you have a very modern-looking bathroom.

Metal wash basin

Glass wash basin

If you are into minimalism, glass wash basins are the best addition to your bathroom. The wash basin price range for such materials is wide and depends on the shape, quality and durability. These modern wash basin designs do not stain or scratch, unlike ceramic sinks. However, these washroom basin designs are very prone to thermal heat or can crack easily if some heavy object falls on it.

Glass wash basin

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Tips for choosing wash basin

  • Depending on your bathroom interior, choose your wash basin shape accordingly. Some of the common shapes for modern wash basin designs available in the market include oval, rectangular, round, square, octagonal, conical, semi-circular and triangular.
  • You can add classic wash basins in any modern bathroom and contemporary wash basin models for newly designed or more classic bathrooms.
  • The choice of modern wash basin designs for bathroom should be based on the available size in the bathroom and one’s personal taste.
  • Consider the configuration of the plumbing in the bathroom, before you choose the type of wash basin, as this will determine the placement of the basin.
  • When  planning the wash basin area design, it is important to measure the dimensions of the space where you will install the wash basin.
  • Check the height or vertical length of your home wash basin, allowing ample space for the water to properly flow in the sink and to reduce excess water from splashing and escaping the wash basin.


What type of sink is best for the bathroom?

Most households prefer ceramic or porcelain sinks, as these are easy to clean.

How do I choose a wash basin?

You should choose a wash basin depending upon the total space available in the bathroom and the décor theme of the space.

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