Perfect housewarming gift ideas for Indian homes

[] Here is a list of the best housewarming gifts for the upcoming social or festive occasions

If you are planning to attend a housewarming party but are clueless about what to give your hosts, we list some of the best housewarming gifts to consider, for every home owner.

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Housewarming gifts for nature-lovers

Plants are one of the best items that one can give. Orchids, peace lilies, bonsai, money plants, snake plants, etc. – all of these are great as gifts. They look appealing, do magic to the décor of the room and are gift that last. To make it fit for use instantly, do team it up with big jars or good-looking planters. That way, your hosts would not have to run around searching for the best place to keep the plants.

Housewarming gift for Indian homes

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Housewarming gift ideas for people-on-the go

For such people, consider gifting appliances that cut manual labour and help make healthy food. For example, air fryers. Some other appliances that are affordable and make it to this list include blenders, electric kettles, rice cookers, food processors, coffee makers, robot-vacuums and air purifiers.

Gift ideas

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Housewarming gifts for health-conscious individuals

Many AI-based fitness apps have increased in popularity, following the COVID-19 crisis. Meanwhile, your friends too may be experimenting with these. A perfect housewarming gift, under these circumstances, may be a 12-month subscription to their favourite health app or even home gym equipment such as stationary bikes, dumbbells, rowing machines, ab-crunchers, fitness devices or if you do not have budget constraints, even a treadmill.

We suggest that you inform your host about your plan to buy space-occupying home-gym equipment. They may even have these already or may not prefer to make their homes look congested. So, it is wiser to consult with them, before you spend the money.

Perfect housewarming gift ideas for Indian homes

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Griha Pravesh gifts for art lovers

Beautiful paintings enliven the space. If you are sure that your host is a connoisseur of art, gift artworks to them. Paintings add to the colour and look of the space. If your host trusts your opinion on art and style, this is a great housewarming gift idea. As per Vastu Shastra, paintings in the living room and entrance should depict nature while one can use positive photos of family, flowers or birds in the bedroom. For kitchens, inspirational paintings work best.

Do bear in mind the colour scheme of the room. You do not want to jeopardise the look of the house or run the risk of your Griha Pravesh gift being dumped or being passed on to someone else.

Griha Pravesh gift

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Housewarming gifts for the lifestyle-conscious home owners

For friends who like to maintain elegant homes, do try some unique gifting ideas, such as an LED liquor shelf, wine decanters in rare shapes, soundwall speakers, garden sprinklers, elegant tableware and flatware, shower speakers, aroma diffusers, smart planters, potpourri, essential oils or even a personalised coordinates frame of their home location.

Perfect housewarming gift ideas for Indian homes

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Housewarming gifts for quirky home décor

For friends and family whom you have known for long, quirky housewarming gifts can be perfect. Bring back old memories and your fun self in the form of personalised duvets, caricatures, throw pillows, cheese boards, a family hobby art, wall chess board or even memorabilia that is precious to them.

Perfect housewarming gift ideas for Indian homes

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Housewarming gifts for party lovers

For hosts who love to dress up and decorate their homes on every occasion, you can try giving them festive décor items. For example, if you have been invited to a housewarming party in November, think of the next big celebration – Diwali or Christmas. Your host would love to get something useful that they can put on display or even wear. You can consider ‘His & Her’ sets (such as perfumes, watches, etc.) or party supplies for the festival. Word of caution: Avoid gifting a Christmas tree as your host may have their own preferences.

Champagne and wine are also good gifts for social drinkers. Apart from this, you can consider home bar accessories or personalised wine glasses, too.

Perfect housewarming gift ideas for Indian homes

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Housewarming gifts for seniors

When you think about seniors, you probably think of them as being weak. However, with quality healthcare reaching the cities and evolution of medical science, seniors are as fit and fine as probably someone in their prime. Hence, you need not stick to stereotypical gifting ideas. Here are a few things that seniors will enjoy.

A great rocking chair, adds splendour to the room in which it is placed while giving the person a comfortable seating/lounging arrangement. A shower seat may also be useful. 

House warming gifts in 2021

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All of us love memories, don’t we?  Remember how your Facebook feed pops up with a memory notification and you love to look back? The same is true for seniors, who have memories spanning six decades. However they may not be tech savvy to use the right avenue or platform. In such cases, a digital photo frame can be a good choice, or even a collection of their favourite photographs in the form of a collage. 

Another handy option is a chair exercise set – something that will keep them fit and healthy, without making them strain too much. 

gifts for seniors

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If you are looking at something more, try eyeglass stands, bird feeders, massagers, electric kettles, or art kits for adults.  Electric blankets and shawls are good for those living in cold areas. 


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Housewarming gifts for your clients

Business relations should be nurtured. If you have been lucky enough to be invited by your client for their housewarming ceremony, make sure you turn up and impress them. Now, if you have been invited personally, you could choose a gift that you deem fit, from any of the ideas that we have listed in this article. However, if you represent your company, make sure it is a professional one. Plants, wine, gourmet hampers, or even a staycation may be perfect idea!

Housewarming gifts for neighbours

If you know the host family very closely, you can opt for any of these gifts, which are not just unique but will always be kept as a remembrance:

Ganesh-Lakshmi idols: Gifting the statue of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Laxmi is considered to bring luck.

Bean bag: A bean bag is a piece of furniture that can be used anywhere. It is a very useful gift if the family has teenage members, as well.

Scented candles: If you are looking for minimalistic yet relevant gifting ideas as a housewarming gift for new neighbours, then, scented candles are perfect.

Housewarming gift for friends

Choosing meaningful housewarming gifts for friends is a way of showing that you wish the best for them. Gifts that signify good luck, such as Ganesha idols and wind chimes, are perfect for the occasion. If you are artistic, consider a handmade painting or personalised planter, to bring a smile to their face and make your bond stronger.

Perfect housewarming gift ideas for Indian homes

Housewarming gift ideas for young couples

For newlyweds or young couples, housewarming will be a special occasion in their married life journey. Some ideal housewarming gifts that they may surely appreciate, are photo frames to capture their cherished memories, personalised photo boxes, scented candles and customised nameplates.

Perfect housewarming gift ideas for Indian homes

[] Name plate design as per Vastu

Housewarming gifts for those who love the local markets

Many of you would love to own the colours and culture that local handmade products bring out. Why not make it a point to buy local and encourage small businesses, while making sure your host is happy too. Handmade shopping baskets, handmade lamps, or shawls from Kashmir and Assam – these are some of the unique gifts one can consider. Most Indian states have something unique to offer and the next time you travel, keep in mind the next housewarming you need to attend.

Perfect housewarming gift ideas for Indian homes

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Local gifts to pick up from Indian states

State Locally-made gifting idea
Andhra Pradesh Budithi brassware
Arunachal Pradesh Handcrafted wood and bamboo décor items
Assam Assam tea, Mekhela-Chadar
Bihar Madhubani or Mithila paintings
Chhattisgarh Terracotta pottery
Delhi Traditional silver jewellery, dibbis, handcrafted puppets, Indian spice box
Goa Coconut art, coir bottles
Gujarat Glassworks and décor hangings
Haryana Wooden handicrafts
Himachal Pradesh Kullu topis and shawls
Kashmir Carpets and pashmina shawls
Jharkhand Brass items
Karnataka Mysore silk
Kerala Kathakali masks for décor
Madhya Pradesh Dhurrie
Maharashtra Kolhapuri chappals
Meghalaya Cane mats
Mizoram Puan fabric
Nagaland Naga shawls
Odisha Pattachitra painting
Punjab Phulkari dupatta
Rajasthan Meenakari jewellery
Sikkim Thangka
Tamil Nadu Tanjore paintings
Telangana Pearls
Tripura Bamboo sculptures
Uttar Pradesh Miniature Taj Mahal models
Uttarakhand Naths
West Bengal Laal paar sarees

New-age housewarming gift ideas

Did you know that celeb couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s first-born, Taimur, who is quite a favourite of the paparazzi, was gifted a forest! Yes, B-town nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar gifted him a forest of a hundred trees, to mark the little boy’s first birthday. New-age gifts are a little different but thoughtful, at the same time. Pradip Shah, co-founder and director, and Bikrant Tiwary, CEO of Grow Trees, have come up with an idea that can be really useful for those who want to gift and make a difference. Grow Trees allows people to plant trees with just a few clicks and gift them to loved ones, on special occasions. You can gift multiple e-greetings at once, schedule automatic e-greeting deliveries on future dates and upload a picture or a logo, to make the greeting even more distinctive.

For those concerned about the environmental impact of bouquets and the hidden cost of the chemicals, energy and water required for greenhouse floral production, this gifting idea is perfect.  What’s more, tree planting creates low-skill jobs, has a direct impact on carbon reduction, restores forests, improves wildlife habitats, upgrades water catchment areas and offers flowers, fruit, fodder and fuel for local communities and all living creatures. So you are not just gifting, you are also making a big difference.

[] Tips for performing Griha pravesh for your new house

What to avoid as a griha pravesh gift?

Whatever you give, let it be a thoughtful housewarming gift. Do not pass on gifts given to you, especially cups, saucers, cutlery, flower vases and other items, unless your hosts have asked for it.

Your gift should be also in line with the socio-cultural beliefs of your hosts. For example, in India it is not considered good to give scissors or knives as gifts. Similarly, avoid gifting umbrellas, clocks, handkerchiefs, combs, black clothing, sharp objects, shoes, mirrors, calendars, coal, vacuum cleaners, food in old crockery, empty wallets or purses, opal stones, gloves, undergarments or even pets. In case of pets, unless your host has confirmed that they would like it, do not gift them a pet, as it will require care which unwilling families may not be able to offer.

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Are statues of Gods and Goddesses good gifts?

Statues of Gods and Goddesses are tricky gifts as per Vastu. It is believed that if the receiver is not able to place these properly or take care of it, it could bring bad luck.

Is a knife set a good housewarming gift?

As per Vastu, gifting sharp objects is not a good idea.

Why do people return a coin to those who gift towels and napkins?

It is believed that towel sets or napkin sets are not good gifts and may cause friction between the two parties. To minimise the negativity, people (the receiver) often return a coin to the sender.

What should I gift my host’s child at their housewarming party?

You can opt for age-appropriate books, toys or exotic chocolates.

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