Zodiac signs: Home décor tips for the Capricorn star sign

[] Decorating or renovating your home? You may want to consider décor based on your star sign, to add positive energy to your space. Here are some décor tips for home owners belonging to the Capricorn zodiac sign (December 21-January 19)

If you belong to the Capricorn zodiac sign, then, chances are that you are willing to work long and hard for what you want. You are quite amenable to foregoing a short-term gain, in favor of long-term benefits. This applies even to your choice of property and living space.

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Overall home décor for Capricorn zodiac sign

Ruled by Saturn, you are interested in things that will stand the test of time. Temporary fads and fashions mean little to you. While choosing home accessories, opt for natural materials, precious metals and authentic gems/crystals with practical and long-term use. You prefer to dress up your home/space in dark earthy tones, slate grey and forest green. A specially crafted shelf or niche to display your victories and achievements, is a must.

Colour Code

Empowering hues: The energy emanating from shades of black and indigo, are compatible with your innate virtues of patience, perseverance and ability to take a long-term view. However, overwhelming use of these hues may lead you towards pessimism, depression or undue materialism and conservatism.

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Hues of harmony: One of your characteristics that is best avoided during festive times, is your tendency to be unduly conservative. Bring out the silverware or anything else that will help deck up your house in silvery hues. The vibrations of silver will help you to be more tolerant towards and accommodating to changes, new trends, attitudes and the outlook of family and friends.

Colours impacting earning power: Absorb the vibrations of ultramarine blue, to enhance your earning prowess.

Furniture for Capricorn home owners

Solid, strong and long-lasting pieces of furniture make apt choices for your home. You are likely to prefer a large sturdy table, especially if it can be put to multiple uses like dining, studying, writing, doing DIY projects, etc. People of this sign are likely to have a collection of footwear. Hence, a practical and yet, creative storage space for it, will surely add to the décor of your abode.

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The energy element for Capricorn home owners

Your element is earth and you are naturally inclined to bring practicality to any situation. You need security and stability. Whenever you require virtues of endurance, reliability, dependability, hardworking and perseverance, align with the vibrations of earth. The square shape, pottery, materials like brick, stone and ceramic, are earthy elements. Accessorise your living space using these elements, while balancing it with other décor items and materials. Dress up your interiors with indoor plants. Routine household chores and tending to plants at home, can help you to align with your energy element.

Nature in the house

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Growing greens at home will not only ornament your home but also align you with your element and prove to be healing for you in myriad ways. Flower arrangements, Ikebana and Bonsai plants around the house, will appeal to your senses as their beauty symbolises your virtues of perseverance, patience and hard work.

Fragrance for Capricorn home owners

You are the skeptic of the zodiac. Fantasy is unlikely to find shelter in your house. Being an earth sign, you gravitate towards earthy, natural, floral and herbal aromas. Fragrances of pine, magnolia, sweet pea and wintergreen in your house, will empower you.

Keep the house clutter-free

You are inclined to keep a very neat and tidy home. While you like to clean and declutter, few people would like to join you in this chore, as you are likely to show them that they are not doing the job, as well as it ought to be done. Hence, it is advisable to hire cleaners for the job or control your instincts, to avoid infuriating your family members who may help you clean the house.


In your past life, your entire focus was on your home and hearth. Hence, in this life time, you need to contribute your time, effort and energy outside your home. Nonetheless, you have an innate longing to spend most of your time at home. A part of your home will tend to reflect this urge, to balance the channeling of your energy towards the home and outside.

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