ADDA: All you need to know about apartment society management app

[] ADDA is a comprehensive housing society management software that facilitates an apartment society’s functions by bringing together the residents, the association and staff on a single platform.

Managing a housing society involves many functions and administrative tasks entrusted upon the society’s managing committee, including billing and accounting, facility and security managements, and facilitating communication between owners, tenants and association members. In this digital age, technology is playing a pivotal role in shaping the way housing societies are governed. The growth of housing society management apps has made lives simpler for those living in modern gated communities. ADDA is among the leading housing society management applications in India. It offers a comprehensive society management system to ensure smooth running of a building society’s functions and enables smart community living.

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Here is all you need to know about ADDA and how you can make the most of it.

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About ADDA the apartment super app

ADDA, formerly known as ApartmentADDA, was started in 2009 to bring residential communities together and connect them online. Founded by Sangeeta (San) Banerjee and Venkat Kandaswamy, the company has its headquarters in Bangalore and Mumbai. The application brings together residents, associations, staff and guards under one platform. At present, ADDA is among the largest neighbourhood networks globally, with over 13,00,000 verified users across 80 cities.

ADDA is an apartment management software, a one-stop application for residents in any gated residential community. It equips them to communicate online with neighbours, request help from the association office, book and utilise common facilities, pay society maintenance charges, find maids and get information about their apartments.

Traditionally, management committees in housing societies have been relying on offline registers and multiple software for handling the activities of apartment complexes. This web-based software has helped replace these traditional systems by offering comprehensive solutions.

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Features of ADDA

A society’s association is responsible for sharing important communication with its residents about regulations, health and safety and property matters like updates on any dispute. Considering that societies have multiple buildings with several residents, this can become quite a difficult task for the management. This is where a platform like ADDA comes into play and works as the official communication platform for a community. It fulfils the need for a private social network and facilitates easy communication between owners, tenants and association members, thus allowing residents to stay updated about the activities in their community. Over 1,00,000 official posts on average are shared on the platform.

From being a private social network and helpdesk for gated communities, ADDA has evolved into an online platform catering to diverse needs for managing a residential complex. Some of its features include:

Income tracker

This feature allows 100% automated maintenance billing. It helps share maintenance bills and receipts in a timely manner. ADDA has an in-built accounting feature for making entries for billing and collection automatically. An average of Rs 430 crores of maintenance charges’ invoicing takes place every month through the platform.

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Expense tracker

This feature helps keep track of expenses and purchase decisions in a transparent manner.

Facility booking

This feature on the ADDA app is popular among fitness and sports enthusiasts, as it allows them to book badminton courts, swimming sessions, etc., online. In 2021, amid the lockdowns during the pandemic that saw intermittent closure of gyms and community facilities, an average of 30,000 facility bookings were done on ADDA across large communities. 

Visitor management system

The ADDA app includes useful features for residents and guests, including QR code-based entry for visitors and instant visitor and domestic staff notifications for residents. This feature enables contactless visitor entry and ensures a secure environment by allowing verification of every individual entering the community.


Residents can use the ‘Discover’ feature in the ADDA residential app to get information about pre-used furniture, cleaning services, cobblers and priests in the neighbourhood.

Some other noteworthy features include:

  • Integrated payment gateway with multiple payment options; the app has integration with major payment gateways in multiple geographies, allowing owners and tenants in an apartment, condo, or villa to pay their dues online.
  • Document management to maintain all property and tenancy-related documents, with easy sharing options with other members.
  • Property management for managing multiple properties, tenants and apartment-related data like family members, vehicles, parking, etc.
  • The community feature lets users connect with neighbours on similar interests such as music, sports, etc.
  • Provision to raise maintenance requests. The app also lets users access emergency contacts and get assistance using the Panic Alert feature.

Recently, the company relaunched its Admin App that has been completely rebuilt with new technology and features focused on giving an improved user experience.

How has ADDA proved beneficial for residents during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, housing societies and apartment complexes played a crucial role in ensuring the safety of their residents. They were responsible for enforcing measures and ensuring that residents followed rules put in place. An online platform such as ADDA became a highly convenient platform for achieving these objectives.

With features such as Home Quarantine Tracker, ADDA enabled residents to self-declare their quarantine period. The application also helped manage parcels through the ‘Collect Deliveries at Gate’ feature. With this feature, residents can collect any parcel that is left at the society gate. Also, residents looking for home services online made the most of the discover feature. Moreover, ADDA GateKeeper has been enabled with a feature to capture the ‘Fully Vaccinated’ status of each visitor, in accordance with the government advisory to RWAs.


How does the ADDA app work?

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The society management application is fully integrated with the ADDA SaaS platform for the community administration – the association or the developer. Used in over 3,500 gated communities in India, the platform comprises the following:

  1. ADDA ERP covering accounting, asset management, etc.
  2. ADDA GateKeeper, the gate management app.
  3. rIOT, the residential IoT platform which integrates with third-party IoT devices.

If your housing society is on ADDA, you can register on the application and join your community. All you need to do is download the ADDA app on your android or iOS smartphone and follow these steps:

  • Click on ‘Create Account’.
  • Search for your community on the platform.
  • Provide details such as name, email id, occupancy type, unit number and mobile number.
  • Click on ‘Join’. You will receive an OTP. Complete the OTP verification.

The account will be activated by the community admin. Once approved, you get a welcome email with login credentials to the ADDA app.

You can log into the ADDA website using your email and password.

ADDA: All you need to know about apartment society management app 


You can also log in using your mobile number.


ADDA: All you need to know about apartment society management app



What is housing society management?

Housing society management involves numerous functions entrusted upon a society’s managing committee, including implementing byelaws, collecting maintenance charges from residents, and other day-to-day activities.

What is a society management app?

A society management app provides a private networking portal for an apartment complex’s members and gives them access to online facilities like payment of maintenance charges, instant visitor notifications and the facility to book and utilise common facilities.

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