Beautiful Front Doors: A tribute to Hodor

[] Hold the door! Hold the door! Hodor… Are you still recovering from the untimely death of everyone’s favourite gentle giant on ‪GameOfThrones‬? It is only fitting that we pay tribute to him, with these beautiful and ornate front doors from around the country!

The lion head door knocker is a relic of Georgian architecture from Great Britain, and is perhaps the easiest way to dress up even the simplest of doors.

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Framed by beautiful Arabic calligraphy on the top, and to the sides, this door looks both ornate and formidable!


This breathtaking door sets very high expectations of what’s inside. Who knew there were so many shades of purple?!

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Simple, elegant, and ornate. And to think that every other door in the small towns of our country looks like this!


If you’re looking for something with rustic charm, look no further.


When the door’s so heavy, you need to carve out a smaller one just to get in.


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Want to feel like royalty? Put up decals of people fanning you as you enter your home!


Less, is always more. It took just the right shade of green to turn this door from ordinary, to magnificent.




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