Best interior décor gift items for the Diwali season

[] Here’s a look at a range of home interior and décor gift items that you can consider, this festive season

Starting October, the festive season is in full swing. While get-togethers and parties may be fewer and smaller this year, this should not dampen the festive cheer. If you are visiting your friends, family or peer group, we suggest some of the best interior décor gifts for the festive season. This works, especially if your friends love to decorate and do up their homes. Refer to the following list, if you are all set to cheer up the mood for everyone around you, this Diwali.

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Make Diwali 2021 special with the best gifts meant for homes

The festival of lights should be a great time to shower your love on your friends and family. Do not take the usual route of dumping soanpapdis and sweets on them! The best Diwali gift should be something that helps them make their abode appealing, unless, of course, they have been asking you for something else. You could try some cool interior décor items that add beauty and charm, such as smart planters, mirrors, wall plates, lampshades, etc. Opt for unique gifts, this Diwali.

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Smart planters

If you do not want the person to struggle to find a space for your gift in their house, it is best to consider plants, especially the ones that require minimum maintenance. For example, the one in the picture below is sleek and classy and goes with any kind of home décor. At the same time, it is unique and not among the regular kinds of pots and is ideal for decorating the home.

Best interior décor gift items for the festive season


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Has your friend been asking for decorative mirrors? Festive season may be the best time to give them one! It is most suitable as a gift, if you know their taste well. Most people avoid gifting mirrors, because if it breaks, people believe it may bring bad luck for the recipient. So, if you consider gifting one, make sure they place it in a safe place. Coming to the point, mirrors can do wonders to the home’s interior. It makes even small spaces look classy.

Best interior décor gift items for the festive season

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Wall plates

These will add some life to boring walls. Wall plates are available in plenty of colours and designs and at different prices. Pick up ones that will enliven a space. The best thing about wall plates is that it can be mounted in any room. Turkish paisley wall plates are in.

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Best interior décor gift items for the festive season

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Ceiling lamps, standing lamps or table lamps – the upcoming festive season is all about welcoming lights. So, why not add some cheer with lights? Make sure you do not pass on gifts you get from others to your friends. While diyas are a good gift, everyone gets them somehow and from somewhere. Hence, avoid regular ones and instead, buy beautiful handmade ones. If you are going in for a table lamp, add a thoughtful card and you are good to go.

Best interior décor gift items for the festive season

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Great gifts for book lovers

For those who love books, keep your eye open to bring their favourite characters, instances or even the love of books alive. Is your friend a fan of fiction or fantasy? How about gifting them Daenerys’ wedding gift eggs or even book-shaped pillows?

Best interior décor gift items for the festive season

Source: Amazon

Best interior décor gift items for the festive season

Source: Amazon 

Best interior décor gift items for the festive season

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Bean bag chairs

Bean bags are a great gift, especially for people who are always on the move and prefer owning little furniture. Bean bags also lend a casual look to the home. Moreover, unlike a piece of furniture, these can be easily moved around the house and utilised where it fits best. Take it to the balcony or on the terrace or place it in your living space – bean bags go well, everywhere.

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Best interior décor gift items for the festive season



If you spot a vacant space in someone’s crockery shelf, you could help it look beautiful. There are plenty of places in our cities where you can pick up great looking cutlery and earthenware. Make sure that these serve the purpose and do not look like something you are passing on. Colourful earthenware adds to the overall look and improves the presentation of what you put on the table.

Best interior décor gift items for the festive season

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Antiques may not be everyone’s choice but for true collectors, you would be doing a huge favour by buying them things from the past, such as antique furniture, show jewellery, antique plates, brass boxes, etc.

Best interior décor gift items for the festive season

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If your friend has always had an eye for collectibles, the best gift that would enhance the look of their homes, as well as their spirits, is collectibles. These can be fine art, Fabergé eggs, Chinese porcelain, etc. There are travel collectibles, stamps, timepieces, and coins too that can be put on display and would add to the glamour of the home. For example, a framed wall hanging of stamps from around the world.

Best interior décor gift items for the festive season

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What are gifts that I can give that ensure wealth and happiness?

Try paintings of waterfalls, goldfish or even a flowing river. These, as per Vastu, bring in luck and wealth.

Which are some of the good Feng Shui items for home décor?

You can consider the evil eye, lucky bamboo, chimes, or crystal lotus, all of which look good as décor items and also follow Feng Shui principles. Do not go in for cheap imitations of these products though.

Can I gift Yin-Yang to my friends?

Yes, Yin-Yang is the embodiment of love and friendship between friends.

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