Diwali 2021: Festive décor ideas for Indian homes

[] Here are some simple tricks that home owners can use, to add a festive look to their homes, without much hassle

October marks the beginning of the festive season for Indians. Naturally, all of us will be looking for occasions, to celebrate in ways never done before. This year is bound to be different. Amid the gloom cast by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is also an opportunity for family members to converge and spend a warm time together. This presents a good reason to explore new décor ideas and give your home an affordable makeover.

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Are you ready for some cool décor tips to last you from Dussehra to Christmas? Avoid the strenuous task of planning the décor, through some simple hacks and tricks.

Opt for handcrafted decorations

There are plenty of choices available in the market, in varying shapes, designs, materials, colour tones and placements. Palash Agrawal, founder and director at Vedas Exports, suggests that one can choose wall-mounted, classic T- shaped light holders in the design of a ‘mashaal’ (wooden torch in medieval design) or golden hued animal/bird-shaped T-holders designed like an elephant, horse or other such animals.

Festive décor ideas for Indian homes

Image courtesy: Vedas Exports

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Also, one can opt for flower vases or pan-shaped T-lights or lamp holders. Indian handicraft makers specialise in creating ornate and intrinsic designs, with golden plating or screen work that can aesthetically diffuse the light in myriad ways. Contemporary designs include cylindrical, bottle-shaped or Arabian Surahi style light holders, which are bound to impress everyone with their finesse.

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Festive décor ideas for Indian homes

Image courtesy: Vedas Exports

These can be used as gifting options too. These elegant and classy gifts or home lighting options, for festivals like Dussehra and Diwali, will not burn a hole into your pocket with their cost.

Home lighting options for the festive season

Fairy lights can be used in the living room. They can be placed along the windowsill or put up against the wall. Another great way to light up your home is with glowing candles. Candles make a great décor item.  All the better, if they are scented, as a wonderful aroma will engulf your space, says Jessica Fernandes, senior designer, Design Cafe.

Festive décor ideas for Indian homes

Diyas can also add to the glamour of your home. Lighting a diya also has a deeper meaning attached to it. They are said to represent the transformation from darkness into the light. For Diwali, you can arrange diyas in a unique way and let them float in a bowl filled with water and pretty flower petals. If you have an unused large copper or ceramic bowl it is time to put it to use, by giving it a makeover with petals and diyas.

Festive décor ideas for Indian homes

Image courtesy: Vedas Exports

How to spruce up the coffee table

Rather than accumulating new things, put old things to use in a new way. Clay diyas placed on your coffee table can transform the entire vibe of the living room. You can place the diyas on the dining table too, if you want to add a bit of drama to your festive dinner, says Fernandes. Along with all the scrumptious sweets and savouries on the table, you can add some table candles and oil lamps, to enhance your dining experience. To deck up your dining table or coffee table even more, you can add coloured napkins and silver cutlery. Be sure to add a lovely table cloth, as it can change the entire look of your dining area. You can use satin tablecloths if a rich look is what you desire.

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Festive décor ideas for Indian homes

Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

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Festive season colours for the home

Do you want to add a splash of colour to your home this Diwali? Are you fond of streamers and lanterns? Diwali is the best time of the year to display them in your living room. Fernandes suggests using handmade lanterns in green, purple-red and blue colours, neatly hung from a string, right across a wall, as a simple hack for the living room. From the centre of the ceiling, you can also install a beautiful handmade chandelier, made with different coloured crepe paper and shiny streamers that will add to the beautiful and colourful Diwali theme.

“Talking about colours, how can we miss out on the rangoli? Rangoli is an ancient Hindu floor art, where patterns are created using coloured rice, coloured sand and flower petals. This Diwali, create art of your own with a hand-drawn rangoli to depict a traditional floor mat. You can extend the theme of colours and patterns to your balcony by putting up plate art and origami, to bring out a festive vibe,” adds Fernandes.

Festive décor ideas for Indian homes

Beginning from Navratri, people celebrate Dussehra, Karwa Chauth, Dhanteras, Bhaidooj and Diwali with great fervour. As you get set for the festive season, bring back the traditional by following these simple décor ideas.

Quick tips to decorate your home for Diwali 2021

Even if you are not planning to buy new décor items for Diwali this year, try making simple changes:

  • Deep cleaning your home is a must. Most households understand the significance. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi resides in cleanliness. So, the cleaner your home, the better your chance of bringing in wealth and prosperity.
  • Try introducing an accent wall. Accent walls are a highlight for your home. You can bring in a change to your existing décor by just highlighting a certain wall in your home with textured paint or wallpapers or even decal design stickers that match with the mood and theme of the overall room décor.
  • Do some magic with lights! Yes, these are the easiest things to experiment with, especially with the various types that are available in the market today – tea lights, LED lights, lanterns, bulbs, fairy lights, etc.
  • You could also try a change with your furnishing. Cushion covers, curtains, runners and bed sheets – these are simple things to change but bring a whole lot of difference.
  • Flowers and fragrance can liven up the room. Add flowers to the décor and use aroma to capture the attention of everyone that visits you. Essential oils and potpourri are some common go-to items that are easily available, besides aromatherapy candles.


What are some of the easily available gifting ideas for friends and family?

While many go with sweets and savouries, potted house plants and handicrafts are other gifts to consider. They fit well with the home décor in every house.

According to Vastu, which are the auspicious décor items?

You can consider plants, paintings of scenery and calm landscapes, mirrors, indoor fountains and lights. These add positivity and enhance the look of the house too.

Which are some of the décor items or household items that are inauspicious?

Broken clocks, negative imagery, cactus or such thorny plants, broken furniture, paintings of snakes, owls, vultures, bats, pigs, pigeons, crows and tigers – all of these are inauspicious as per Vastu.

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