Eye-catching pooja room tiles designs to look out for in 2022

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The pooja room is unquestionably the beating heart of every Indian home. Deities are worshipped in this designated place, which is considered the centre of every house that radiates serenity, peace, selflessness, tenderness, and pleasant energy.

Therefore, the pooja room floor should be pleasant to sit on, simple to clean and appear lovely. The pooja room tile material, colour, and pattern are important considerations when creating a pooja room. Even though the pooja room’s total floor space is relatively modest compared to the rest of the house, there is a multitude of flooring and design options available. It’s time to have a look at some of the eye-catching and value for money pooja room tiling and walling options. 

Different types of pooja room tiles

Take inspiration from these eye-catching and functional pooja room tiles designs and give your prayer room a new look.


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White marble is a popular choice for pooja room tile and walls because of its perceived purity. Shiny marble lends timeless elegance to the pooja room’s decor emphasising simplicity and sincerity. With the marble pooja mandap, you have the option of being experimental or keeping things basic and traditional. However, the use of marble has the downside of making the floor bitterly cold throughout the wintertime.


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Granite is available in various colours and patterns, and it is considerably more stain- and scratch-resistant than marble. It is an elementary material to maintain, and it can be re-polished to restore its lustre. It is long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about your pooja room tile if you choose granite for its construction! One disadvantage of granite is that it could be slippery at times, which is a safety concern. If you have seniors in your house who do the regular worship, you should think carefully before using granite as a flooring material.

Printed vitrified tiles

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If you want to make your pooja room as basic as possible while yet maintaining its elegance, this is the pooja room tile design for you. Maintenance is a breeze with vitrified tiles, which also have a brilliant shimmer. You may place these vitrified tiles in the middle of the Pooja room as a focal point to draw everyone’s attention to the space since they will boost the room’s spiritual energy.

Wooden pooja room tiles

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Nothing beats earthy tones to create an attractive and appealing pooja room appearance. If you do not want to use natural wood planks, many additional options are available on the market today. Wood tile flooring is created with an emphasis on durability and longevity, resulting in a beautiful finish. Make use of different-sized wood tiles and various patterns to express yourself. And don’t stop at the floor; using this wood tile on the walls will create a tranquil, nature-inspired atmosphere.

Pooja room tiles: Designs to consider 

Tiles with motifs or mythological subjects

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Incorporate beautiful mythical themes and legends into your tile work. You may personalise your prints with tales from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and other ancient texts to create a big plot representing critical historical events. These tiles provide a sense of grandeur to your pooja room and make it stand out from the rest of the home. The art and stories in these pooja room tiles will pique your children’s interest, and it is one of the most creative and straightforward methods of introducing them to Indian mythology and legends.

Tiles with a chequered rangoli pattern

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If you want to make your pooja room more vibrant, you can always use these beautiful rangoli pattern tiles. Each pooja room tile is embellished with a stunning circular rangoli design that is unique.  Furthermore, the tile construction evokes the atmosphere of a traditional Indian temple, complete with brightly coloured walls, pillars, and idols. Rangoli tiles can be an excellent alternative to powdered hand rangolis in contemporary homes. 

OM embedded tiles 

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The OM embedded design is perfect for today’s contemporary home décor. The embedded OM emits a powerful and steady resonance when one approaches the pooja room. This pooja room tile is ideal for a relaxing session of meditation or yoga. Flowers, geometric designs, and any other pattern of your choice can give it a more pompous effect overall. 

Evil-eye tiles

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Incorporating mystical evil-eyes designs into your pooja room tile will give it a distinct appearance. The use of prints in your pooja room tiles might help to magnify the significance of the indication. The sign also serves to keep you away from negative ideas and increase your optimism level. This design may also serve as an excellent background for yoga and meditation sessions.

Swastika patterned tiles

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The sign of ‘well-being’ and ‘good fortune’, Swastika is considered one of the most potent symbols in Hinduism. The Swastika symbol wall tile can significantly differ how majestic the pooja room pace seems. 

Tips to keep in mind before choosing tiles for the pooja room

Aesthetically appealing 

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When selecting tiles for the pooja room, it is crucial to choose light in colour, have a simple pattern, and are pleasing to the eye. The presence of quiet, peace, and tranquillity in the room should be felt by the person praying whenever they enter the space.

Delicate and graceful touch 

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Consider using soft-toned wall paint or tiles in muted tones for your walls. These pooja room tiles are a great addition lending an atmosphere of warmth and optimism, making it easier for someone to meditate or pray with all of their attention focused on the task at hand. Choose high-end ceramic tiles or vitrified tiles with a glossy surface for a luxurious look. It enhances the beauty and elegance of the area while being relatively simple to maintain. Simply wiping them down with a moist towel will be enough to keep their shine intact.

Give a feeling of spaciousness

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If you only have a small amount of space for a Pooja room, choose floor and wall tiles that are large enough to make it appear more spacious. For example, beige and white coloured tiles give the impression of a larger space than it is. Using standard-sized tiles, such as 2×2, in a pooja room that spans an area of 4 square feet may provide a beautiful appearance.

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