Fibre ceiling design for home: Decorative fibre false ceiling ideas for each room

[] Fibre ceiling are false ceilings with unique properties like excellent sound absorption. Check these unique ideas for installing fibre ceilings for your home

False ceilings are often used in homes to enhance the aesthetic appeal, while meeting other functional requirements like soundproofing and concealing electric wires. Fibre ceilings are quite popular in commercial spaces like offices due to their excellent properties like sound absorption and ability to reflect and diffuse light, thus, minimising the need for artificial lighting. Suspended fibre false ceiling tiles are in trend these days. They are available in numerous sizes, finishes, colours and design patterns. Since fibre ceiling designs are economical, they can make an ideal house ceiling design. Check these fibre false ceiling ideas if you plan to renovate your home.

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What is a fibre false ceiling?

A fibre ceiling is a type of false ceiling designed using mineral fibre tiles, also known as acoustic or soundproofing ceiling tiles. The material has excellent acoustical properties compared to other materials like gypsum. Fiber ceilings designs acquire these properties, including toughness and resistance, as they are reinforced with natural and synthetic materials such as bitumen, tars, wood, stone, and vegetable fibre. Fibreboards are made from wood chips and reed paper, while mineral boards are derived from ceramic and a mix of natural stone and tar. Decorative fiber design ceiling tiles are widely used in commercial spaces like restaurants.

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Fibre ceiling design for bedroom

Floral pattern

One of the false ceiling ideas you can try with fibre ceiling is a beautiful pattern such as floral fiber designs that will give an elegant look while soundproofing the room to create a relaxing environment.

Fibre ceiling design

Circular false ceiling

Although the most common ceiling designs are square and rectangle shapes, circular designer ceilings are also popular. The recessed lighting and subtle colours for the bedroom false ceiling design bring a luxurious look to the bedroom interiors.

fiber ceiling design for home

[] PVC false ceiling design

Minimal false ceiling designs

Take a look at this simple, recessed fibre ceiling design. The minimal false ceiling design covers only a small area instead of the entire ceiling.

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Fibre false ceiling

Fiber ceiling design for hall

Grid lighting

Ceiling grids are widely used in offices and commercial setups. However, fibre ceiling design provides the ease of installing grid lighting fixtures on the wall ceiling design, giving a perfect look for your home interiors.

Fibre ceiling design for home

Fibre ceiling with patterns

Opt for a fiber ceiling design for home having unique patterns and colour combinations. Geometric patterns will give a stylish look to your home. For a more contemporary appeal, pick subtle colours for wall and ceiling design for hall.

fiber pop design

Go for the simplest false ceiling design if you want to avoid intricate patterns and designs for your living room.

fiber design

False ceiling ideas with multiple lighting

The trend of multiple lighting options for the hall ceiling design ruled in 2020. It is an excellent choice for a spacious living room with a combination of recessed or accent lighting and cove lights to illuminate the space. Check this ceiling design for hall for 2020, which you can pick for your home renovation this year.

ceiling design for home

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Fibre ceiling design for kitchen

When installing kitchen false ceilings, it is essential to choose materials based on the function of the kitchen, especially those like fibre false ceilings that withstand heat and do not cause toxicity.

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false ceiling ideas

Pick a design with optimal lighting like the one with pendant lighting to illuminate the kitchen island and breakfast corner of a modern kitchen.

Fibre ceiling design for home

Choose panels with dark hues to create a contrasting look. Black colour for the false ceiling adds a sophisticated appeal to the kitchen space.

Fibre ceiling design for home

Fibre false ceiling materials

Wood and fibre ceiling design

Fibre ceilings can be designed in combination with other materials like wood. The use of wooden frames will enhance the overall look of the ceiling.

Fibre ceiling design for home

Fiber POP design

POP ceiling designs are gaining popularity nowadays. Impressive POP designs for walls and ceilings can be integrated with a fiber POP design to make the room ceilings noticeable and attractive.

Fibre ceiling design for home

Fibre false ceiling advantages and disadvantages

Mineral fibre ceiling advantages

  • Mineral fibre ceilings are excellent for absorbing sound. Hence, they are preferred for designing offices.
  • They are affordable and easy to maintain. Also, they have outstanding fire resistance, thus providing safety to the structure.
  • Mineral fibre boards have higher thermal insulation than false ceiling materials like gypsum boards.

Mineral fibre ceiling disadvantages

Fibre ceiling tiles have more functional benefits and lack the aesthetic appeal displayed by other false ceiling designs such as POP false ceilings or gypsum false ceiling designs. This is why there are not widely used for residential spaces. However, they can be used in combination with other ceiling designs for home to get an attractive look for the interiors. Moreover, false ceilings need maintenance after some time as they are prone to sagging and damage due to moisture.

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What is mineral fiber ceiling?

A mineral fiber ceiling design is produced from mineral fiber tiles made from materials like stone, fibreglass, wool, and slag fibres.

Are fiberglass ceiling tiles safe?

Fiberglass ceiling tiles are environmentally friendly, light and easy to maintain.

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