This Diwali, give your home a quick, festive makeover

[] Sprucing up one’s home for the festival of Diwali, need not be an arduous task. Here are some simple and creative ways, in which home owners can make their homes look warm and welcoming

How to give an inexpensive makeover for the walls

Painting the house makes it clean and fresh. There are a lot of inexpensive painting options available in the market, which are of good quality. “Home owners can also opt for wall coverings such as wallpapers, to add colour to one’s house. There are a variety of wallpapers with exquisite finishes and attractive prices, which can be installed in a day’s time,” says architect Ricky Doshi of ARD Studio.

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“Alternately, one can use festive wall stickers which can be removed, without damaging the wall or the paint. They can be applied on walls, wood, glass, etc. Swarovski crystals and studded decals can also add glitter to your living rooms,” advises Lekha Gupta, senior architect at L.A.B. (Language Architecture Body).

Furnishing and accessories for the festive season

Changing the drapes and furnishings, are the easiest ways to add a festive look to your home, this Diwali. While doing so, first select a colour theme that complements the furniture and then, opt for floral, geometric or plain fabrics, accordingly. If your home is done up in classy white or soothing beige, then, you can brighten it up with touches of vibrant green or feisty orange. Intricate patterns and soft fabrics like silk, which connote luxury, are ideal for festive seasons.

Choose a soft palette like baby pink, pale yellow, cream beige, fresh peach etc. and pastel printed furnishing in the room introduce brilliant festive touch with a bright colourful flower arrangement.

[] This Diwali, budget tips for revamping your home

Metallic touches and ornamental accents also add to the festive feel of a house. Gold or sparkling silver items, handcrafted vases, lamps and ethnic artwork, can transform a festive space. For the dining area, use tableware in lovely colours and designs, made of porcelain, steel, silver, earthenware or and glass.

Decorating the entrance of the house

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Dress up the entrance for positive rejuvenating energy this Diwali. Decorate the main door, with a floral toran or colourful bandhanwars designed with pearls, gotas and fancy flowers. As rangolis are considered auspicious, make one with powder or with fresh flowers like marigold, morgra and rose petals, near the entrance of your house. You can also opt for readymade acrylic or studded rangolis and arrange it with hand-painted earthen diyas. Make the entrance welcoming with fresh flower petals or buds layered rangoli designed in a water bowl arranged in an interesting pattern. Yellow and red flowers can instantly create an ambience of joy and prosperity.

Diwali lighting options for your home

Lighting plays an important role, in the overall look of a house. “Indirect cove lighting, gives a warm and cosy feel to the house while direct lighting or spot lighting, is used to create focal areas. Other light fittings like wall bracket lights, may be used to highlight a painting on the wall or artifacts. A chandelier can brighten up the décor of a house, as well,” adds Doshi.

Blinking lights in the form of strings, flower balls, diya shape, a bunch of sparkling flowers and flower vines all can be used creatively like a magic wand at home for a festive glow.Diwali celebration is incomplete without kandeel at home, today there are plenty of options such as paper, cloth and bamboo lanterns for the home that goes with every décor theme and create soft and soothing illumination.

Metal, silver and brass lamps, are ideal décor elements for Diwali – the festival of lights. Similarly, fairy lights and rope lights, create a festive atmosphere. “One can be creative, by using paper cones around the light fixtures, to change the shade of the light, from greens, to blues and oranges. You can also use discarded wine bottles and stuff it with mirchi lights and arrange it around the house for a unique statement,” states Gupta.

Decorate your house with flowers

Fresh flowers uplift one’s mood and add a feeling of positivity to the home. Mogras, roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids and other exotic flowers, can be used to give an eye-catching makeover to the home.  Nina Mehta from Navi Mumbai, a self-confessed décor enthusiast, shares that “I use a lot of flowers to decorate the home for Diwali. I buy marigold balls, which I hang at the entrance and strew flowers around the temple to create a festive look that complements the overall décor of the house.”

Decorate the table for Diwali feast

Set the mood for an intimate cosy Diwali get together. Ensure that the food table is visually appealing along with good crockery and cutlery. Instead of glass, opt for small earthen glasses and bowls to serve buttermilk or sherbet, desserts like kheer. To serve small pieces of desserts use fancy three-tiered platters and decorate them or rose petals. Choose an appropriate tablecloth or runner of table mat in cotton, silk, jute embellished with ornate borders or subtle bling and to add to the festive feel. Cream and gold or yellow tablecloth adorned with brocade border or even small ghungroos looks ethnic and is apt for Diwali makeover of the dining table. Also, if you love the elegant palette then go for a pristine white tablecloth, with silver and soft lace trimming. Simply add colour to the table with a vibrant floral centrepiece.

Play with contrast and create an eclectic effect but opt for two or a maximum of three colours themed table linen only do not overdo with colours. Try and fold the napkin elegantly and place it near the dishes. For the Indian menu choose everything traditional, do not clutter the table.

Decorate the temple for Diwali Puja

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Diwali puja is the time where the entire family sits and prays together. Clean the temple and polish all silver and brass puja accessories so they sparkle. Diwali is about celebrating the rich traditions of India. Adorn the temple traditional tall brass lamp, brass bell, silver Prasad bowl and thali, etc. Create comfortable seating with colourful dhurries and cushions. For Lakshmi puja adorn the temple with fresh flowers toran use red rose or lotus favourite flower of Goddess Lakshmi. One can use mogra garlands in the temple for a delicate fresh fragrance. Red dupatta, which is considered auspicious, along with lights can be placed on the temple shikar. Illuminate the temple with twinkling fairy lights which are battery operated so you don’t have to worry about electric sockets. Ensure that you welcome Goddess Lakshmi to the puja room by drawing red-coloured small footprints from the entrance of the house towards the temple. Colour coordinate the earthen painted and embellished diyas with puja thali for stunning impact.

Quick ways to decorate your house, this Diwali

  • Give your home’s windows a quick makeover, by changing the curtains or opting for classy blinds.
  • Keep a plant in a vibrant coloured pot and decorate it with fairy lights.
  • Gold-coloured décor pieces can be a lovely addition to a neutral environment.
  • For the bathroom, use matching coloured napkins, towels, dispensers and door mats.
  • Use potpourri, reed diffusers and fragrant oils, to create a refreshing ambience.
  • Add mirrors with fancy frames, to enlighten a dull space.
  • A wide range of silver and brass accessories, used along with fresh flowers, lanterns and diyas, can beautify the temple area.

Plan a colour palette for the room and then design the arrangements of candles and diyas and other luminaries and let the home dazzle in sparkling effect. Illuminate the living room with tall hurricane lanterns.


How do I clean and decorate my home for Diwali at no cost?

The simplest way to decorate your home this Diwali, is to upgrade the soft furnishings, bring about some changes in the way you place the furniture, or add colour to the rooms, either by changing the drapes or using colourful runners, curtains, sofa covers, etc. The fresh vibe after the regular cleaning will enhance the appearance of the rooms.

What is the simplest thing I can use to enhance the living room’s appeal?

If you are looking to alter the appearance of the living room, try plants. Small potted plants bring in colour and a classy look.

What kind of lights are available to decorate the home for Diwali?

Diyas are most commonly used for a traditional touch. You can also consider fairy lights, tea lights, string lights, LED lights or even scented candles.

How can I decorate a puja thali for Diwali Puja?

Decorate puja thali by painting it with oil paint or even poster colours. One can cover it with the cotton fabric of bright colours like red, yellow, and green. Then decorate with auspicious motifs like Om and swastika in golden zari and gota. One can also decorate it with fresh flower petals, turmeric and red kumkum.

How can I ensure my home smells fresh and heavenly for Diwali?

Use incense sticks, aromatic candles such as sandalwood and rose or use camphor in a diffuser. Keep fragrant potpourri or fresh flowers in corners. Boil in water lemon and orange peels and cinnamon to have a pleasant aroma in the house.

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