11 Latest wooden window grill design ideas for staircase and balcony for your home

[] Mentioned are 11 Latest wooden window grill design ideas for staircase and balcony for your home

Grills are structures made of iron, stainless steel, and aluminium used as unique decorative elements in homes. They have been around for a long time and were primarily used in windows for security reasons. Before grills, the windows were open, and burglars could easily break into the house through the windows. With time the plain grills made for home security became more decorative elements. 

You are reading: 11 Latest wooden window grill design ideas for staircase and balcony for your home

Now, they are used to creating eye-catching designs in staircases, balconies, and windows. Beautiful curves, geometric shapes, or plain simple lines can be created with wooden window grill design. 

11 amazing wooden window grill designs to try in your own home

  • Fancy metal work stairway railing design 

11 grill 1 1

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Source: Pinterest

Simple interior elements like stairs can be decorated with the help of grills to liven up its look. This wooden window grill design features decorative curves of metal work to give an elegant touch to the home. Blackwork contrasts with the white marble staircase and provides a sleek look. With this design, you can be sure to attract your guest’s attention to the main stairways of your house.

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  • Decorative balcony grill

11 grill 2 1

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Source: Pinterest

Enjoy your leisure time by drinking coffee or tea on this gorgeous, intricate balcony. This latest balcony grill design of 2022 provides security while maintaining the open space. With this grill design, you won’t block the sunlight or natural air from coming through. Another essential feature of grills is keeping your kids and pets safe. The design is inspired by vintage curvy designs and will give a posh vibe to your home.

  • Balcony grill for hanging plants

balcony railing

Source: Pinterest

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This design is for nature lovers who want to bring beauty to their homes. Utilise this latest balcony grill design of 2022 to hang your planters. Creating ample greenery in your balcony will give you fresh air, help in removing pollutants, and reduce stress. The grill is simple with parallel lines and keeps the planters the main attraction.

  • Sleek and modern balcony grill design

11 grill 4 1

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Source: Pinterest

Create a contemporary balcony for your modern home with this aluminium railing design. The grill design uses simple lines and rectangular shapes to create a sleek design. You can expect to see this latest balcony grill design of 2022 in many Indian homes in the future. The black is used in pairs with the black balcony gates. With this design, you can be sure of the safety of little kids and pets on your balcony.

  • Iron balusters for stairways

11 grill 5 1

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Source: Pinterest

This Oak staircase utilises metal accents of the grill to create a modern look. This staircase design will be the focal point of your home. The oak staircase complements the classic white colour of the walls, while the metal helps to break its monotony. You can also try different grill designs, from geometric shapes to intricate curves in the place of the plain grills.

  • Stylish steel and wood stairs

11 grill 6 1Source: Pinterest

Floating staircases is a design statement, but it’s looking to another level by adding grill design upgrades. Choose wooden stairways for their homely design. With the wooden warmth of a traditional grill design, this staircase will become the centre of attraction of your home. This floating staircase is a perfect pick for contemporary urban Indian homes.

  • Elegant stairway design

11 grill 7 1Source: Pinterest

This staircase pattern uses geometric grill patterns to make an eye-catching design. You can elevate the appearance of your minimalist white stairs by adding this grill design. The use of wood railings helps create a warm, cosy but stylish appearance. We love how the space below the staircase is also utilised as a seating area in this house. It makes the staircase functional and can be used in smaller homes.

  • Traditional style grill window design

11 grill 8 1

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Source: Pinterest

This wooden window’s grill design will elevate the curb appeal of your home. This design is made with arrows, mess, and elaborate patterns in the grill. The design features traditional and modern elements to give you the best of both worlds. The grill fully covers the window, so you also get protection from intruders. Use this design in windows facing the backyard or garden.

  • Classic grill design

11 grill 9 1Source: Pinterest

Get the traditional experience of a security grill with this window grill. In this wooden window grill design, we see the simplicity of the olden times windows. Simple design elements are added to the top and bottom for adding some features. If you are looking for a no-nonsense window grill design, this is for you.


  • Use grills to make a single design

11 grill 10 1

Source: Pinterest

Utilise grills to create a symbol or design of your choice. The grills make a leaf or tree branch design in this wooden window’s grill design. It is a great way to add a creative touch to your windows. With such plans, you get to keep your space open while not compromising your security.

  • Stainless steel grill

11 grill 11 1

Source: Pinterest

If you reside in a place with high humidity, iron grills can become corroded. Stainless steel window grills are weather-proof and don’t rust. Their looks are also another feature. Their shiny appearance makes the grill look clean and enhanced. In this grill design, simple squares and lines are joined for a linear look. The grill is attached from corner to corner for complete security.

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