Shelf designs for any type of décor

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Concept, positioning and stability are the three pillars of a fantastic shelf design. Shelves should be out of the way so that they are not knocked over, but close enough for you to enjoy your brilliant shelf designs. Many of these shelving solutions can transform previously unused areas into useful and accessible storage.

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Top 10 unique shelf designs

1. Asymmetrical shelf design

These contemporary wall shelf designs are ideal for a living room or bedroom as a fashionable storage option. They have an asymmetrical shape and a stylish finish that will complement a variety of colour combinations. They can be made to be tall with shelves of varied sized slots on each shelf. This will give you enough space to keep books, decorations, or potted plants.

Asymetrical shelf

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2. Tiered suspended shelf design

These quirky shelf designs hang on a sleek metal bar that has a delightful swing-like shape. These shelves are ideal as a child’s bedroom shelf design due to their whimsical appearance, but they would also look fantastic in a sophisticated living room or as an adult bedroom shelf design.

Tiered suspended shelf

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3. Crescent moon shelf design

If you like your home to have a bohemian style, a crescent moon wall shelf design will be perfect for you. This is the perfect fashionable addition to any boho bedroom. If you use mango wood, you can bring a natural element into your décor.

Cresent shelf

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4. Diamond shelf design

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With rustic wooden shelves to hold books, plants, and ornaments, this trendy modern shelf has a distinctive diamond shape. The diamond frame is formed of black wire, giving these intriguing shelves a futuristic industrial vibe when combined with the wood. You can use a material like walnut wood for this shelf design. They would look great as a bedroom shelf design.

Diamond shelf design

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5. Hanging shelf design

With a sleek, fascinating design, these one-of-a-kind wall shelves strike the right mix between industrial and beautiful. There’s plenty of room to store books and other items on the shelves hung from a bar. These shelves have an industrial appearance to them, which can be enhanced with wooden shelves.

Hanging shelf design

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6. Wooden stump shelf design

If you’ve been looking for unusual wall shelf ideas, you are going to adore wooden stump shelf designs. This split stump shelf is ideal for storing decorations, mementoes, succulents, and potted plants.

wooden stump

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7. Industrial wall pipe shelf design

This pair of industrial wall pipe shelves is ideal for anybody who likes the look of industrial interiors. These shelves can be combined in any configuration to create a unique wall shelf design, including a half wall shelf if desired. Metal piping frames the shelves, which include a rustic wooden shelf for displaying books and other belongings. In an industrial-style environment, these would make fantastic living room wall shelves.

pipe shelf

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8. Round accent shelf design

This stylish spherical accent shelf is ideal for displaying decorations, photo frames, books, and more. If you use iron and wood, it will look great in an industrial or modern setting.

Round accent shelf design

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9. Lucite arch shelf design

Anyone searching for unique shelves to exhibit their most prized items will love this magnificent Lucite arch shelf. The shelves are made of crystal transparent Lucite. Gold coloured steel can be used to further elevate the shelf. The arched frame makes it simple to store books and other upright goods, as well as ornaments and collectables.

Lucite arch shelf design

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10. Wooden crate shelf design

For anybody who likes rustic farmhouse design, these rustic wooden crate shelves are ideal. The crates can be piled on top of one another to make a unique bookcase, or they can be hung on the wall as shelves. Depending on the size of your wall and the style you want to achieve, they can be arranged in a variety of ways.

Wooden shelf

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