The trendiest house painting designs and colors for your dream home

[] Different walls in your living space require different paints according to their location and environment. Every type of paint creates a different impact on the walls. We have constituted this article solely to provide you with information about the best paint for walls.

When we think of transforming our home, we primarily go for painting and designs. Our minds wander about the colours, shade or finish but rarely do we think of the details of the paint’s composition. If you are looking for house painting designs and colour ideas, you are in luck. 

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We have constituted this article solely to provide you with information about the best paint for walls. Each paint type differs constitutionally from the other and has different properties that establish its functionality. 

Different walls in your living space require different paints according to their location and environment. Every type of paint creates a different impact on the walls

So whether you are doing new painting house planning or want to redecorate by interior wall painting, we got you. Pick the best paint for walls in India for your home with our vividly descriptive article. 

The best paint for home walls 

1.The dynamic distemper paint for wall 

The dynamic distemper paint for wall

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Distemper paints are one of India’s oldest paint used in house wall painting. The origin of distemper paint dates back to ancient Egypt. Traditionally developed using chalk, lime, and water, the modern distemper paint consists of advanced copolymer build-up, which offers an exceptional finish to enhance the look of your living spaces. 

The most famous types of Distemper in the market are water-based Distemper and oil-based Distemper. The water-based dry Distemper is generally an interior wall paint for rental properties as it gives a better and smoother finish than the commonly used whitewash. 

Although easy on the pocket and outstanding properties, the water-based Distemper is not as durable as the emulsion paints. At the same time, the oil-based Distemper is more durable and budget-friendly. The Oil-based Distemper is generally used in industrial spaces due to its solvent stink. 

The Dynamic Distemper is the ideal colour paint name if you aim to get a rustic and raw finish for your walls.

The pricing for distemper interior wall paint starts at Rs. 25 onwards per litre. 

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2. The elegant emulsion paint for wall 

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The elegant emulsion paint for wall

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The elegance of emulsion paints puts it right at the top of the best paint for home list. If you are considering house interior painting, then emulsion paint is the safest bet. It is water-based paint, so you need not worry about any odour or stink problems. The acrylic or vinyl composition of emulsion paints makes it more durable than the Distemper. 

The added advantage of emulsions is that you can easily wipe all the stains off the wall with just a wet cloth. You can choose from a variety of emulsion finishes, including satin, silk, matte, and eggshell, all at reasonable prices to last for years. 

The pricing for emulsion interior wall paint starts at Rs.160 onwards per litre. 

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3. The luscious lustre paint for wall 

The luscious lustre paint for wall

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If you are looking for glossy-looking, smooth finish paint for your house wall painting, then the luscious lustre is your answer. This solvent-based paint avails a very sleek and rich-looking finish that lasts for years without any issues. 

One negative with lustre paint is that it emits a strong odour that might take a few days to decrease. But all the negatives get covered up with the stain-resistant properties of lustre paint for house interior painting. If the smell is a significant negative for you, then you can even opt for water-based lustre paint. These convincing properties of lustre make it the best paint for home. Paint your walls into the deep, sleek-looking colour paint name lustre. 

The prices for lustre interior wall paint start at Rs. 400 onwards per litre

4. The effortless enamel paint for wall 

The effortless enamel paint for wall

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Are you looking for a colour paint design that will provide a hard and glossy look to create an extraordinary impact on your space? The effortless enamel paint for the wall is chemically composed to avail a glossy, opaque finish on various surfaces. The paint is helpful in painting walls that are exposed to extreme weather or harsh conditions. 

Painting your kitchen walls using enamel paint for the wall will save you so much trouble. Enamel puts up a tough fight when it comes to heat, water, and stains, letting you be worry-free. 

The enamel paint is the best paint for home as you can use it for painting your balcony or porch walls or even paint your bathroom doors. The exposure to extreme sunlight and excessive moisture in the balcony and the bathroom, respectively, does not affect the tough enamel paint making it ideal to be used for house painting inside as well as outside. 

Traditionally available in the solvent-based form, now you can find water-based enamel paints for your home.

The prices for enamel interior and exterior wall paint start at Rs. 70 onwards per litre

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5.The triumphant textured paint for wall 

The triumphant textured paint for wall

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The triumphant textured paint has been topping the best paint in India list for quite some time now. This exceptional paint turns your simple interiors into a work of art. Wall painted using textured paints automatically turns into accent pieces. 

The textured paints are created differently compared to the regular paints and are denser with more molecules of colour to provide the richness and thickness to effectively create textures, designs, and works of art as per your need and preference. The textures can be created using tools like spatulas, sponges, and many others. Triumphant textured is the best paint for home and can last for a long period if maintained with proper care. 

If you want to highlight a specific wall in your house to draw all the attention or use it as a medium of expression for your vision, then the triumphant textured is the best wall paint for you. 

The prices for textured interior wall paint start at Rs. 600 onwards per litre. 

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