Veneer door design ideas for a sophisticated main door

[] Veneer main door design ideas come in many different colours and textures. Mentioned are some designs that you can take inspiration from.

Main doors are essential. The doors are the first things any house guest sees. Keeping a high standard for your main entrance makes your house feel more extensive and elegant. After all, first impressions matter. People make assumptions about your home based on how elaborate your main door design is.

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Wooden doors can be expensive. The main doors are incredibly huge, making them a little pricier and out of budget for a few people. Don’t worry; there’s an option just as good as solid wood. A veneer is an affordable option that looks just as good on your main door. Veneer main door design ideas come in many different colours and textures. There is an ocean of design options to choose from. 

On that note, let’s look at veneer door design ideas for your main entrance.

Top 6 Veneer main door design ideas for an elegant entryway

  • Light textured wood veneer door.

It is a classic veneer door. It is a light wooden textured door. There’s nothing eye-catching or attention-grabbing with this veneer door design, but that’s what makes it a classic. It is a timeless, sophisticated yet subtle door design that is simple but contemporary.

veneer 1 1Source: Pinterest

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  • Veneer main door design with a large handle

There are various shapes and sizes to go with when it comes to the main door design. However, there’s a way to make your main door look elegant and extra without increasing its size. This veneer door design features a large handle with a delicate modern door design. This makes the door look substantial and more significant than it is, making it look like the main door. 

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  • Solid white veneer door design 

Wood is a great texture to go with for all door design ideas. However, if you want to create a timeless and classic veneer door design, a white veneer is the best option. A white veneer is traditional and painting a door with a solid colour makes it the point of interest in a space. White makes a room instantly look bigger and brighter.

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  • Opt for veneer door ideas with quirky handles

You don’t have to change your door to make it look more sophisticated. Sometimes, changing a single element can do the world of good. Opting for quirky handles can completely transform the look of your veneer door design. This door features a simple oversized knob that contrasts with the door’s veneer. There are a multitude of knob design choices to choose from. Choosing one is your only problem, from elegant knob designs to modern minimalistic ones.

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  • Horizontal panelled veneer door design

Panelled door designs are a great way to change up the tactile feel of your main door while also keeping it visually appealing. Panels in your veneer door create recesses that help change up the look of the door from a boring regular door to something a bit more appealing. This veneer door design blends modern door design with traditional elements to create something that encompasses the best of both worlds.

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  • Engraved veneer main door design

If you’re bored of recycling the same door designs over and over again, we’ve got the perfect veneer door idea for you. Engraved veneer door designs are carefully crafted by hand, making them the exact replica of no two doors. The veneer door is an artist’s canvas. The art in this door design features fading geometric patterns. The door handle adds a lot of character to the door design. All the elements in this veneer door design come together to create a wonderfully artistic main door.

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