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[] Here are a few tips to set up the interiors of a shop as per Vastu

A shop designed on the principles of Vastu Shastra brings success and prosperity to retail businesses. Vastu has specific tips for interiors of a shop layout, entrance, exteriors, and space arrangement so that the business attracts more customers and profit, and ensures peace of mind for the owners. Here are a few tips to set up the interiors of a shop as per Vastu.

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Vastu tips for the shape and size of a shop

According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal shape for a shop (including a boutique, emporium, departmental store, and showroom) is square or rectangular. The length of a shop should be less than two to two and a half times its width, which means a shop with a width of 20 feet can have a length up to 50 feet. Irregular shapes are good if the northeast or southwest corners are extended.

Vastu for the entrance of a shop

According to Vastu Shastra for the shop, the entrance should be in the east, north, or northeast direction. This attracts more customers. The entrance should be open, and not be blocked with poles, trees, or merchandise stands. The front of the shop should not face any open drain. The main entrance door should not have a threshold (unlike in homes, where it is a must). This can obstruct the positive energy from entering the shop. Never face the slope of the shop towards the main entrance as it can drain out the profits.

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If a shop’s entrance is in a direction not compliant with Vastu, then follow these remedies:

  • According to Vastu, the main door for a north-facing shop should be at the northeast corner of the north side. The main door can extend up to the centre of the north side. Kuber, the God of wealth, is the lord of the north, so it is best for prosperity.
  • Place the main door for an east-facing shop at the northeast corner of the east side. The main door can extend up to the centre of the east side.
  • For a south-facing shop, the main door can be at the southeast corner on the south side. A platform may be made at the southwest side, and steps for entrance can be constructed in the southeast-south direction.
  • The main door for the west-facing shop should be placed at the northwest, up to the centre of the west side from the north, as per Vastu.

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Vastu for cash counter in a shop

The cash counter, according to Vastu for shops, suggests that aapana vedika (cash box) should be placed in the north or southwest direction. If the cash counter is placed in the southwest direction, then the shops’ entrance should be in the northern direction. Never keep the cash box empty; always keep some loose coins or currency notes in it. Keep the cash box in such a direction that it must not be visible from the washroom, storeroom, main gate, or staircase.

Vastu guidance for counters in a shop

Vastu states that the counter of a shop should be square, rectangular or angular. A circular counter leads to wealth loss. The counter should be placed in the southeast or southwest direction for prosperity. Always keep the counter of your shop neat and clean.

Vastu tips for mirrors in a shop

Place mirrors in a shop so that they reflect the positive aspects of the Vastu. Place them in front of cash drawers to amplify and attract cash inflow. One can also keep a mirror inside the locker to reflect the cash kept inside. Clean the mirrors regularly and keep them stain-free. Place the mirrors in a water-element zone like north, northeast, or west. Do not place mirrors in the south and southeast zone as these directions are associated with fire.

Vastu for stairs in a shop

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In a multi-storied shop, construct a staircase in the south or southwest. Ensure that you do not construct one in the centre of the shop as it may lead to financial losses. For west-facing shops, stairs should be towards the northwest. In north-facing shops, place steps towards the northeast. In south-facing shops, steps should be towards the southeast. Staircases must be painted in subtle colours. Avoid blacks and reds. Vastu for internal staircases states that the steps should be in odd numbers. All staircases must be built in a way that the person climbing them goes from north to south or from east to west. Any other movement is considered to be negative and against the principles of Vastu Shastra. Avoid circular steps.

Vastu for colours in a shop

Ideally, shops should be painted in soothing, light colours. Keep the ceiling in a lighter shade than the walls. Brown, black or dark blue is considered inauspicious. Avoid them entirely in a shop. Opt for white, off-white, or silver-white in the north, east, and northeast and southwest directions. These aid in maintaining financial stability. Walls in the south should be painted with dull red or earthy brown colours. Shades of green can be used on the southwest walls.

Vastu for mandir in a shop

The most suitable direction to have a small temple in the shop is in the northeast corner or east or north. Even the west direction is good and can result in higher profits. One can also have the auspicious symbol of a swastika in the shop along with shubh-laabh and riddhi-siddhi. Don’t keep the idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha to the right of the northeast direction. It is advisable to pray in the morning, and light a diya and burn incense sticks for positive energies in the shop.

Heavy furniture and showcases in a shop

According to Vastu Shastra, the apt direction to keep showcases and heavy furniture is southwest direction. It is auspicious for prosperity in business. Even weighing machines, lathe machines, and stocks should be kept in the south, west or southwest. Keeping heavy furniture or showcases in the northeast direction can cause business loss. South, west, and southwest directions are best suited for storage.

Additional Vastu tips for a shop

  • According to Vastu for the shop, keep electronics in the south-eastern corner to enhance sales.
  • Place mannequins in the northwest or north direction.
  • The signboard of the shop, according to Vastu, should be well-painted, properly fixed, and free of dust. It should not be cracked or hung loosely. It should be legible and well illuminated.
  • The main door of the shop must not make any noise. All the doors of the shop must open inside. It will help preserve the good energy within the shop.
  • Northwest direction is best to keep promotional display boards, banners, and announcements.
  • Electricity meters and air conditioners should be located in the southeast direction.
  • The shutters should be well lubricated so that they work smoothly.
  • Always have adequate lighting in the store that is warm and inviting. There should be no dark corners as it is considered negative.
  • Lofts, mezzanine, or attic should be made in the south or west wall, and never in the north or east wall.
  • Outside the shop, it is considered auspicious to keep plants in the east or north direction.
  • The northeast corner should be clutter-free. One can keep a fountain in this corner. Place an aquarium with nine goldfish and one blackfish in the northeast direction for good fortune.
  • According to Vastu, a salesman should face east or north and a customer should face west or south.
  • The bathroom should be in the northwest or west of a shop.
  • The centre (Brahmasthan) of the shop should be free of any hindrance.
  • A shop must be clean, well-organized, and attractively designed to attract customers, and create a positive ambience for the shoppers.
  • In a jewellery shop, the safe for jewellery should be kept with the south or west wall in a way that it opens in the north or east direction.
  • The sofa for the customers in boutique or jewellery shops should be in the north or east direction.
  • In a garment shop, the trial room should be on the western side of the shop.
  • Avoid granite floors in a Opt for marble or wooden flooring.
  • Soothing soft music can be played in the background as it helps the customers relax when shopping.
  • Placing the lucky bamboo plant in the southeast zone of the shop attracts wealth.


Is a Gomukhi-shaped shop good according to Vastu?

According to Vastu, the Gomukhi shop, which has a smaller width in the front compared to its length, is considered inauspicious.

Is the Singh-Mukhi shop auspicious according to Vastu?

According to Vastu, the Singh-Mukhi (lion-faced shop, or Sher-Mukhi) shop, where the rear side of the shop is narrow and the front side is wide, like a lion’s face, is considered positive and beneficial.

Where should the drinking water be placed in the shop according to Vastu?

According to Vastu, the drinking water, be it purifier or earthen pot, should be in the north, northeast or east direction of a shop.

Which direction, according to Vastu, is the best for a shop?

A north-facing location is ideal for a shop, especially for textile and garments, fashion accessories, medical shops, and even jewellery.

Should one follow Vastu advice if the shop is rented?

Vastu principles are applicable even in a rented shop. The energy of the space has maximum impact on the person working in it and on economic benefits.

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