Vastu Shastra tips for choosing a new apartment

[] If you are about to buy a new home or an apartment, there are several Vastu Shastra aspects of the property that you must check. Here’s a quick guide

The Indian architectural science of Vastu Shastra, has been a basis for identifying and developing the best living spaces. Vastu-compliant apartments and plots, help the inhabitants to live their lives with more happiness, wealth, health and prosperity. This ancient practice has gained popularity in the real estate space, for identifying the best places, plots and structures for residential, as well as commercial purposes.

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[]5 rules of buying a home as per Vastu

Vastu tips for new flat

Vastu tips for apartment entrance

While evaluating the design plan or layout of a plot or a construction (flat or apartment), the first consideration should always be for a good entrance. The entrance holds the key to ushering in positivity and happiness for the entire family.

Each living space has 32 possible locations that can function as an entrance of a building. Each of these 32 locations, has their own significance and affects our lives accordingly. For instance, an entrance in the south-east zone, the Vastu zone of cash, results in delayed payments. A south-west entrance is among the least Vastu-compliant entrances and families living in such homes, can face monetary and relationship issues to a great extent.

On the contrary, if you have an entrance in the north, you can expect great success in monetary and business matters, as well as opportunities in your career. If your chosen property or apartment does not have a Vastu-compliant entrance, you can still buy the property and apply certain simple Vastu remedies.

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Vastu compliant room direction

The correct location for a room, ensures that you benefit the most from that room. Each room has a positive or negative effect, on the lives of inhabitants of the house, depending on the zone in which it is located.

For instance, a living room in the east zone, is ideal for developing and strengthening social connections. On the other hand, a bedroom between the east and south-east should be avoided as per Vastu. Sleeping position according to Vastu, in these zones, results in increased anxiety and disagreements with one’s spouse.

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One should avoid building a toilet between the north and the north-east zones in the house. It can severely affect the immunity and health of the members of the family living in the house. For kitchens, the south-east is an ideal zone. One should avoid having a kitchen in the north-east and south-west zones.

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Panchtattava, analysis of the five elements

A living space is divided into 16 zones or directions in space. Each zone has a corresponding main element that affects different aspects of our life. For example, the north zone has water as the main element. The main attributes of this zone are wealth, growth, career, monetary gains, etc. Consequently, any imbalance in this zone, has a direct impact on the career, business and monetary health of the inhabitants.

Similarly, fire is the main element of the south zone. The main attributes of the south zone are sleep and relaxation.

While purchasing a home, one needs to check the location of different rooms and internal elements that make up the home. These include kitchen, toilets, balcony, slopes, open areas, water tanks, gardens, service lanes, water storage of neighbours, rain water drainage, the building’s height, shafts, etc. It is important to verify that each of the 5 elements or Panchtattava, is present in its respective zone – water in the north, air in the east, fire in the south, earth in the south-west and space in the west.

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Vastu remedies for apartments

What if you have already purchased a property or paid the booking amount? In such cases, you can use the fourth check of Vastu – space programming. With modern Vastu applications and techniques, you do not need to deconstruct or demolish your property. Through simple and effective Vastu remedies and techniques, you can balance the elements in a particular zone. The use of colours, shapes, lights, metals and symbols, are highly effective in this regard.

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Quick glance: Important Vastu checks for flats

Entry to your home

A south or west entry to your home is not recommended, as per Vastu Shastra. The logic behind this is that towards noon, the infrared rays that come into your home will have a severe impact on your health. It is best if your entry is towards the north or the north-east side. This will ensure sunshine in your home, throughout the day.

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The ideal bedroom is in the south-west corner and this is important if you want to make sure that your home is a peaceful abode and helps you unwind and relax, by getting sound sleep. Do note that Vastu does not recommend irregular-shaped bedrooms. So, check for square or rectangular rooms only.

Vastu and the kitchen space 

The kitchen fits well in the south-east direction, as per Vastu. This is to ensure that food should be prepared in the east direction. Avoid having the kitchen right in front of your main door.

Vastu for kids’ bedrooms in flats

Consider the north-east or even the north-west zone of the flat for your child’s bedroom. In such cases, the windows should be on the north wall, as it facilitates ample natural light in the room and also restricts the entry of damaging infrared rays.

Bathrooms and toilets in your flat 

Most people tend to ignore the washroom area in the flat. It is important to check whether the bathroom/toilet is in the north-west or south-east corner of the flat. Also remember not to have the toilets right next to your pooja room and kitchen.

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Yoni numbers and Vastu

Did you know that there are eight positions of the house with respect to the brahmasthanam and Vastu. Yoni is the birth place or place of origin of the house. North, east, west and south are the four cardinal directions while north-east, south-east, south-west and north-west are the corner directions. All homes should be built along the cardinal directions and not along the corner direction, as per Vastu. Properties along corner directions do not bring in the desired prosperity in the household.

Yoni number for each direction of the flat

Yoni number  Direction of the house
1 Eastern house
2 South-eastern house
3 Southern house
4 South-western house
5 Western house
6 North-western house
7 Northern house
8 North-eastern house

Why is it important to understand yoni and the direction of the flat?

Many Vastu experts liken living in a Vastu-defying flat as travelling in a vehicle, seated against the direction of movement of the vehicle. If you can imagine that, you will understand the feeling of not being in control of things ahead of you. When it comes to a flat, our own homes, we wish to be in charge of everything ahead of us. We also want to be able to solve the problems that come up as challenges. In short, it is advisable that your new flat or house should be built along the earth’s motion – Yoni 1, 3, 5 and 7. This orientation is what works best to ensure Vastu for flats.

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Which entrance is good for flat?

Each direction has its own importance. Read more to know what our experts have to say. Even if your chosen apartment does not have a Vastu-compliant entrance, you can still buy the property and apply certain simple Vastu remedies.

Which facing apartment is best?

All directions are equally auspicious provided you follow some basic Vastu rules. Read on to know more about the best directions according to Vastu.

Does Vastu really work?

Vastu is a science, more like a thumb rule to follow when buying a property.

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