Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house

[] Here are some tips and Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house, for a peaceful ambiance that brings positivity and prosperity at home

What is an east-facing house and what are its benefits?

East symbolises life, light and energy. According to the Vastu Shastra, an east-facing house or apartment is auspicious and attracts good health, wealth and success. As per Vastu, the east is ideal for multi-story apartments and buildings. It brings in concentration, growth and creativity for the occupants. It denotes initiations in life, like the rising sun, and provides well-balanced home energy.

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Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house 


Use a compass to know the exact direction of your house. When inside the house, if you face east when leaving the home, you have an east-facing house.

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A 3-BHK house plan

Vastu Shastra believes in combining the five elements of nature – fire, earth, water, air and sky – in perfect harmony. When the Vastu principles are unified in an appropriate architecture design, it results in a house that brings positivity and prosperity.

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If you are planning to construct an east-facing, 3-BHK (three bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen), it is essential to follow Vastu for the house plan to ensure the flow of positive energy. Here is a guide to a Vastu-compliant, east-facing, 3-BHK house plan.

Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house

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The shape of an east-facing 3-BHK as per Vastu

Ideally, a flat should be rectangular or square. Avoid other shapes. Any cut in a corner of the house is regarded as a Vastu dosha. Since, Vastu energy is a magnetic force that develops around a built-up area, square and rectangular shapes are apt for the energy to flow inside the flat.

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Ceiling height of a 3-BHK east-facing flat as per Vastu

Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house 

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Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house

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Ensure that the ceiling height of the rooms is around 10 to 12 ft as it gives adequate space for suitable energies to move around. Avoid an asymmetrical or sloped roofs. This invites stress, obstacles and sleeplessness.

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Temple in an east-facing 3-BHK house as per Vastu

Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house

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Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house 

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A temple is the most sacred space in the house that always spreads positive energy. According to Vastu, in an east-facing 3-BHK, the pooja room should be in the northeast. If a separate pooja room is not possible due to space constraints, then, place the temple in this direction. If this location is not available, then, opt for the north or the east corner. Face the east while praying. As per pooja room Vastu, you should not place the temple under a beam or a cupboard.

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Bedroom location in an east-facing 3-BHK as per Vastu

Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house 


In an east-facing 3-BHK, the master bedroom should be in the southwest and this room should be the largest in the house. You should sleep with your head in the south or the west. Never place the bed exactly opposite the door or a mirror. Do not place the bed right across the bathroom and keep the bathroom door shut at all times.

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Bathroom in a 3-BHK east-facing flat as per Vastu

Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house 


When designing your home as per a Vastu plan, the bathroom should be on the southeast or northwest. Avoid constructing bathrooms and toilets in the northeast. The bathroom entrance must be from the north or the east.

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Kitchen placement in east-facing 3-BHK

Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house

Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house


As per kitchen Vastu Shastra, in an east-facing 3-BHK, the kitchen should be in the southeast. If that is not possible, select the northwest. Avoid the north, the west and the northeast. While cooking, face the east if the kitchen is in the southeast and to the west, if the kitchen faces the northwest. To attract positive energies, place the gas stove in the southeast, while the refrigerator and the storage area should be in the southwest.

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Vastu for the main door in a 3-BHK east-facing house

Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house

Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house 

When planning the entrance for an east-facing 3-BHK as per the Vastu plan, understand the Vastu pada. Imagine dividing the east length of the house into nine equal parts. Start dividing from the northeast corner and extend it to the southeast corner. Each divided part is called a step or pada. The northeast corner becomes the first pada while the southeast corner becomes the last pada.

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The fifth pada is the most auspicious for the main door of an east-facing home. It is the location of the sun (deity of fame) and blesses the residents with success and reputation. If the fifth pada is too small for the main entrance, opt for the third, fourth, sixth or seventh pada. Ensure that your main door is not located in the northeast or southeast. The main entrance should be located in the middle and not in the corners. If you have a southeast-facing main entrance, nullify the main door Vastu dosha by placing three Vastu pyramids, one on each side of the door and the third one on the top of the main door. Symbols of Om, Swastik and Trishul can also be placed on both sides of the door. The entrance door should be larger than the other doors to enable the flow of energy and opportunities in life. When one enters the house, there should be no wall in front of the entrance. The front door should open inward into an open space.


Balcony in a 3-BHK east-facing house

Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house

According to Vastu for an east-facing 3-BHK house, open spaces like balconies should be in the east. Open spaces in the east bring good luck and health for the inhabitants.


Living room as per Vastu is an east-facing 3-BHK house

Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house


As per Vastu tips for east-facing 3-BHK houses, the living room should be in the northeast. The living area floor and the ceiling should slope towards the east or the north. Heavy furniture should be kept in the southwest or the west of the living room.

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Study room as per Vastu in an east-facing 3-BHK house

Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house


In an east-facing flat, as per Vastu, the study room should face the east or the west. The north is the second-best direction for the study room. Avoid having a door right behind the study chair. The study table should have an open area in front. Leave a little gap between the study table and the wall for the circulation of energies.


Ideal wall colours for a 3-BHK east-facing house

Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house 

Vastu plan for east-facing 3BHK house


As per Vastu for an east-facing 3-BHK house, opt for hues of green and blue. Rooms painted in blue, with a hint of grey, give a cool vibe, whereas green with aqua hues lends freshness to the room. Light pink and white can also be used at home. Yellow is a Vastu-recommended colour for the pooja room. For the bedroom, include shades of rose pink, beige and light brown. The hall should be painted white or yellow. Avoid dark colours and shades such as dark red and dark blue, which produce a negative effect. Ceiling colours, as per Vastu, should be light shades, such as white or off-white, as it attracts positive energy.


Vastu dos and don’ts for a 3-BHK east-facing house

  • No large objects such as trees, poles or statutes should obstruct the main entrance.
  • Avoid a plot that slopes from the north to the south.
  • Hang a wooden nameplate in an east-facing house and have adequate lights at the main door.
  • An east-facing house should have the slope of the roof towards the east.
  • The walls in the north and the east should not be higher and thicker than the ones in the south and the west.
  • In an east-facing house, there should not be a septic tank in the northeast.
  • Avoid a staircase in the northeast.

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  • Avoid trees in the east as they block the morning sunlight that is full of positive energy.
  • Do not keep a shoe rack in the east or the southeast.
  • In an east-facing house, nurture the lucky bamboo plant, Tulsi, money plant and aloe vera for good fortune.
  • Purify the home with mountain salt twice a week to boost positive energy.

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For whom is the east-facing house auspicious?

As per Vastu, the east direction represents air, imagination and power. East-facing houses are good for creative professionals such as musicians and artists, besides business people and government employees.

Where should the dining table be placed as per Vastu in a 3-BHK?

The dining table can be placed in the northwest or the southeast. Avoid the other directions as they can lead to ill-health and financial problems. While eating, the head of the family should face the east. No one at the table should face the south. The dining table should be rectangular or square.

What is the ideal location of a water tank in an east-facing 3-BHK house?

The north or the northeast are ideal for an underground water tank. You can also choose the east. The southwest and the west are the best directions for overhead water tanks.

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